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Most bloggers, dare I say every blogger, experiences blogger burnout.  You can do your best to avoid it but it’s coming for you.  Whether it’s from being overwhelmed with projects, family circumstances, or that dreaded “I’m not as good as so and so is so why bother” comparison we all do.  Yeah, you know you do it, don’t act like you don’t.

I happen to be in somewhat of a slump right now myself.  It’s like my 734 1/3 slump since I started blogging.  Life is unusually chaotic as we wait to close on a home and move from our temporary abode at my in-laws, Mr is traveling a ton, and the kids are out of school.  Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for much else.  Hence my slump.

So this is what I’m doing to show this slump who’s boss.  Boo. Yah.

1. Name 5 things you’ve recently accomplished or created that you are so excited about you want to shout it from the rooftops.  Holly makes me do this all the time and at first I’m like, ugh, just let me wallow but within seconds I’m feeling better.  It acts as an emergency phone call that makes you leave your pity party early.

2. Go make something.  Anything.  As long as it has nothing to do with your blog and won’t require picture taking…unless you really want to.

3. Find someone to serve.  Serving others, whether it’s a nice compliment or a batch of cookies (see #2), helps you forget about your problems.  It puts things into perspective.

4. Refocus.  Now that you’ve had a big batch of perspective refocus your energy.  Go for a walk.  Smell the roses.  Take a drive.  Sit quietly and meditate.  Do some yoga.  Do whatever it takes to clear your mind, clean out the clutter, and refocus on your direction.

5. Make a list of achievable goals to jump start you on your path again.  One warning to the wise, don’t make the list too long.  All you really need are three or four things.  More than that and you may just end up right back at square one and we wouldn’t want that, would we?  No, we don’t.

I don’t know about you but I feel better already.  Just give yourself a break, take a few {hundred} deep breaths, and press forward.  We are with you 100% of the way!

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