Guidelines for Sending Articles and also Content Plan is a leading portal on the internet for professional publication that talks with a huge online audience and over 17000 e-mail customers. Our focus gets on editorial material that informs auto dealers making use of how-to and believed management write-ups.Automotive  Although we may carry some general information or market information that connects to our training goal, we are not an information magazine.

Our second goal is to help suppliers that use beneficial products or services to vehicle dealers to reach our dealership visitors. Since many of the products and benefits explained in our write-ups, the vendors who sell the products or services are typically specialists in their area.

Our company believes that our readers recognize that a lot of our specialist authors benefit vendors. Although such a content approach would certainly be discredited at a news-oriented magazine, it is our objective to give a voice to the suppliers as long as they educate about skills and concepts as opposed to pitching their product or services. We feel this policy allows us to do a far better job of teaching dealerships than any other magazine.

Among our major goals in the publication is to develop a setting where dealerships can discover vendor products, services, and technologies. This benefits the dealer and also great for the supplier. We believe this is the best way for suppliers to understand new services and products. Vendors are often the primary vehicle authority on a particular subject.

To be part of the Writers Panel, our updated editorial policy permits authors to be picked by invite only.

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