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Did you ever look at your competitor’s websites? They not only look beautiful but are also jam-packed with amazing features and exceptional functionality. How do they achieve this? by avoiding mistakes and hiring creative agencies. The efforts put in are for genuine reasons, one being it draws more people.

Websites virtually reflect businesses and are at the frontline of generating conversions and revenue. A seamless user experience for any web application is required to flourish in the digital age.

In their ongoing effort to make websites more user-friendly, bad web design services may adversely impair experience and negatively damage a brand’s perception. Yeah, blunders are caused when one overlooks basic elements. So, keep in mind to invest in branding companies that result in a good user experience to avoid mistakes.

What are the mistakes to avoid in modern web designing?

  • Slow Loading

If it’s slow to load, who’ll visit it? Work on the website in a way that loads faster.

Optimize the photos on your website, particularly the front page. It will immediately turn off the visitors if the photos and graphics are slow as a snail. They won’t wait. Nobody has the time to. Everybody hates buffering. You know what to do now. Don’t you?

Update hefty plugins, themes, and modules to newer versions. It speeds up the loading time.

Thoroughly test before updating your live website. That way, you can ensure that nothing has broken as a result of the modifications, and you may execute the changes after thoroughly testing everything.


  • Poor layout

If you want the users to sign up for a newsletter or purchase an item from your store, make sure the layout of our website is top-notch.

If your menu layouts are unclear and frustrating, you risk misleading and frustrating your visitors.

There are 100s of more options, so if your website does not provide the users with all they require, they will bid goodbye to you in no time.


  • You don’t use colors and texts that appeal to the audience

You have a serious issue if your readers are unable to view the text on your blog or the primary navigation menus. Eye-friendly colors promote maximum readability.

If you don’t brainstorm on the colors, you’ll use your readers as soon as they click on your site. Also, make sure the font automatically shifts to the correct size and layout for mobile users.

Choosing colors that are easy on the user’s eyes is important if your website has a lot of material. Don’t overlook the colors of the background.

Choosing colors that are easy on the user’s eyes is important if your website has a lot of material. Don’t forget about the colors of the background.

This goes for mobile users too. Mobile customers don’t want to face issues when they scroll across the screen. They won’t wait and you’ll lose. The majority of consumers would prefer to find another reading source than put up with that kind of hassle, thus you might miss out on a client. Be mindful of page responsiveness while designing text elements.


  • Lack of CTA

If people don’t fulfill your goals,  you might be lacking a proper CTA. An engaging CTA increases followers and customers. Think of a CTA that would provoke users to click.

Whether it is signing up, buying your products, or wanting them to contact you easily via call or email, you need a clear CTA. Whatever you select, make certain that your CTA design follows through and allows you to carry it out. Don’t annoy the audience though.


  • No usage of SEO and Analytics

SEO and analytics are very useful tools that diagnose your website’s popularity.  They will tell you the rank of your website and you can work on it accordingly.

Nobody clicks to the second and third pages of google. Isn’t it? So you need precise optimization. If you do this, it’ll automatically rank up.

How many times your website was clicked? For how much duration is it open on a person’s screen? Analytics tells you all this.

If you see that numerous of the same actions are being performed immediately before a user logs off or closes a browser tab, you may be able to identify and resolve the issue.


  • Your website hates Mobile users

You can’t ignore mobile phone users. It will cost you a lot. This is because mobile device consumers will quit your page if they are unable to view or read it effectively. So, your website should look good on a smaller screen as well. Every 4 in 5 Top-ranked websites are mobile friendly.

This means that almost all of your visitors expect you to provide a decent experience on their mobile devices. Therefore, you should make sure you can satisfy their expectations if you want to keep this large percentage of users engaged with your content.


  • You don’t update the content from time to time

If you’ve ever visited a website with old articles or a neglected news section, you know how a user perceives an outdated website. People are less likely to interact with a site that cannot tell them what they want to know, therefore they will look elsewhere for content and news.


This also happens with blogs. If your blog is not updated, your readers are significantly less inclined, to begin with, your older posts.

Like fresh food, people want fresh content. Update it too. Make sure it’s delivered on time. You can rank among the first in search engine results with your website. It’ll attract new visitors. Most likely they will come back.


  • Your website doesn’t have a valid HTTPS certificate

If prompted with a warning, they’ll hit the back button without a pause. You need to have a valid HTTPS certificate in order to gain the trust of the users. HTTPS certificates are required for current browsers to deem you secure. Because search engines show a warning on clicking the unsafe sites, this is a huge no-no for you.

Ask your existing hosting company if they have any suggestions if you are unsure of the security status of your website. Although most hosting companies will maintain their platform currently, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. In order to increase security, you might also make sure that all of your plugins, themes, and other website components are current and patched with the most recent versions.


Final words

Many website owners have not been able to master these elements, which means they may be losing out on potential new fans and consumers, which could have a significant negative impact on their business.

If you are a busy business owner, consider hiring a web design company. In this manner, you can ensure that you can provide an excellent user experience for clients, which will eventually lead to sales.

Make sure the web design companies you hired make modifications as soon as you can if any of these problems sound familiar. You’ll be glad you did. Because the first impression is the last impression.

Author Bio:

Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion, and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.


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