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Customizable video template of Mr Incredible from the Incredibles devolving into a creepier, uncanny version of himself

A creepy meme has been making its way onto the internet, and one of the most popular videos to use is that of Mr Incredible becoming a more uncanny version of himself from the Incredibles. In this version, Mr Incredible transforms into a dark and threatening version of himself and addresses a difficult situation. The video was viewed 1.8 million times and received 152,000 likes within two weeks.

This creepy movie clip features the newest movie adaptation of the beloved children’s film. This time, Mr Incredible and his family are pulled into a terrifying battle against a former fan, who is plotting to wipe out all superheroes with a killer robot. While the plot is a classic superhero story, it also highlights a dark side of the superhero genre.

The image for phase two is grayed out. This phase is the creepiest part of the movie, and will be a great way to convey the story in a creepy way. This movie trailer template can be easily customized with text and music. You can also use it to create your own creepy memes and other fun movies.



In January 2022, YouTuber Flent posted a video of Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny, which was so popular that it inspired a number of exploitable variants. It garnered over 95,000 views in one month. Another popular video came from YouTuber Gonaimator Blood and Iron, who posted a TikToker video. Likewise, Douyin user Zmcmtianyiming has created several versions of the Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny meme, where the image of Mr. Incredible morphs into an increasingly uncanny state as the song plays.

While the Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny meme is a recurring theme on the internet, it is also an original theme. As the name suggests, it follows the same concept as the movie, only with different themes. The original video contains ten phases, but many fans have added additional phases. In fact, the original video of the Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny meme contains more than 10 phases, including the sad Troll face.

TikTok trend

The TikTok trend of Mr Incredible becoming a little uncanny is a series of memes featuring the character in increasingly uncanny states. The series of videos is inspired by the famous movie, and has been viewed over 450 million times. Since its release in January 2022, the video has spawned countless exploitable variations. In just one month, the video received over 95,000 upvotes. The trend gained even more momentum after YouTuber Gonaimator Blood and Iron posted a video by a TikTok user named Mr Incredible becoming uncanny. The video subsequently went viral on TikTok, where user @nobleretat reposted the video, which received over 2.4 million views and 394,000 likes.

While the original movie Mr. Incredible is a beloved movie classic, the trend of Becoming Mr Incredible Uncanny has gained its own fanbase, mainly on social media. Some users have even created memes incorporating altered images of the character. The images of the damaged Mr. Incredible are making the rounds on YouTube and Tik Tok, where fans are able to post the memes for free.

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