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  • Lovely Mimi (Most Ratchet Asian Girl) is a famous for- Reality TV star, Singer, Nail salon Owner, The Most Ratchet Asian, and Social media personality.
  • Date of birth- 20th August 1990
  • Born place- Vietnam
  • Age- 32 years old as of now
  • Nationality- American
  • Zodiac sign- Leo
  • Popular names- Lovely Mimi, and Myha Thi Luong

Jin-Li is the most ratchet Asian girl in school. She tries to impress everyone with her lack of effort, but the rest of society has other ideas. With a simple but ineffective approach to dating, Jin-Li is trying to navigate the dating scene. She says that she wants a rich guy who will buy her things.

Lovely Mimi

Despite being young, Lovely Mimi is making quite a name for herself on social media. She’s a singer and has her own nail salon. Since appearing on the popular VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lovely Mimi has become a household name. She has also become known for posting her art on social media.

Despite spending most of her life in juvenile facilities, Lovely Mimi’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped her build a successful nail business. She now has five salons in the Atlanta area. Her nail designs are considered among the best in the country and have earned her 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

Myha Thi Luong


Whether you’re into nail art, social media, or anything else Asian, Myha Thi Luong is an Internet sensation. She was born in Vietnam and came to the United States with her parents when she was young. As a result of their situation, she was a victim of bullying in school and an abusive father. She spent time in juvenile detention centers and dropped out of high school. Today, she is one of the most popular Asian women on social media.

Myha Thi Luong, the star of the reality show Perfect Mimi, has made quite a name for herself in the world of social media. Born on August 20, 1990, she’s been a hit on social media and has a dedicated fan base.


Jun is a ratchet Asian girl who gets into trouble a lot. She has a history of arguing with other cast members, and she also has enemies including Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss. She also gets into fights with teammates like Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan. Ratchet Asian girls tend to be loud and obnoxious.

Despite her eccentric behaviors, Jun is adorable in her own way. She laughs obnoxiously at everything, but her insensitivity can be charming. She also isn’t very respectful of other people, and she makes everything a competition.


A college dropout, Flawless was raised in Thailand, but never managed to land a decent job. However, she did manage to build a huge fan base on the Internet, earning the nickname “Flawless the ratchet Asian.” After meeting an American man, Flawless jumped at the opportunity to join the online celebrity scene, where she is now a top model and has millions of followers.

In addition to her appearances on the show, she is a talented nail artist. She has a following of over 3.3 million people on YouTube and Instagram. In addition, she is the owner of several salons.

Characteristics of ratchet asian girl

The ratchet Asian girl is a fashionable Asian woman who loves to wear sophisticated clothing. Her style is based on wearing clothes that give her a sense of confidence. She also believes that looking fashionable doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money. Instead, she prefers wearing clothes that she feels comfortable in.

A Ratchet Asian girl is usually a girl who lives in a large family. Often, a Ratchet family consists of fifteen or more members. The members of these households tend to be loud and crowded.

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