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How to Give a Standing Spray Depth

If you have a round spray, you can give it more depth by adding additional greenery in the back and taller stems in the middle. You can also use a metal grid or chicken wire to keep the stems in place. Other non-floral elements can also add depth to a standing spray.

Adding a range of flowers


Adding a variety of flowers and greenery to a standing spray is an excellent way to add depth to the arrangement. Make sure you consider the size of the spray and the number of flowers you want to add. In general, it’s best to keep the water level at the proper level for the height of the flowers in the standing spray.

Lilies are often used in funeral flowers because they symbolize luck and vigor and represent rebirth. They are also fragrant and emit a peaceful atmosphere. Lilies come in many colors but white is often the most traditional color. White flowers represent purity, compassion, and longevity. Oriental lilies, particularly the Calla and Stargazer varieties, are also commonly used.

When choosing the flowers to use in a standing spray, consider the occasion, the recipient’s tastes, and the overall look of the arrangement. For instance, roses, daffodils, orchids, and lilies are common choices, but you can also use other types of flowers, such as gerberas or gladioli. Make sure to select different shades and textures of the flowers to create a more varied look.

Standing sprays can be large and ornate, depending on their design. They are typically composed of large blooms, greenery, and a banner. They make a powerful statement and are often the centerpiece of the funeral service. They are also the largest floral arrangement used at a funeral, and are often used to cover the casket lid.

When choosing flowers for a standing spray, make sure you consider the size of the flowers. Larger flowers tend to make the most impact, but you can also use small ones to create a more layered look.

Adding a message

Adding a message to a standing flower spray is a beautiful way to show your sympathy and respect for the deceased. Standing spray arrangements are typically made from long, leafy branches and foliage. Traditionally, red roses are used, but you can choose any cut flower or foliage to create a touching tribute. In addition to flowers, adding a message is a beautiful way to show the departed’s family and friends that you are thinking of them.

Standing sprays are popular in funeral ceremonies because they can provide meaning to the deceased’s life. Those who plan the funeral can add a message in the form of words and stories about the deceased’s life. In this way, they can tell the story of how the deceased touched their lives.

Adding seasonal displays is another way to add depth to a standing spray. Winter arrangements often feature pinecones or evergreen trees. In the spring and summer, arrangements feature hydrangeas and peonies. In the fall, flowers such as chrysanthemums and flowering kale are beautiful in fall arrangements.

Properly holding the spray bottle

To add depth to a standing spray, choose a variety of flowers in different sizes and colors. Adding foliage also gives the spray depth. A tall vase or urn will add drama to the spray. Using different colors will create different effects. For example, light colors will recede and dark colors will stand out and be more dramatic.

When holding the spray bottle, keep the sprayer steady. You can also use the spray bottle to add depth to a landscape. In the case of a flower arrangement, using premium peonies can help add depth. However, make sure to store them in a cool place, such as a florist’s fridge. A standing spray with premium peonies is a good choice for a formal occasion.

Standing sprays can be made by gluing cardboard to the front of the spray bottle. After that, simply fill the spray bottle with liquid and pull the trigger. These sprays can be a beautiful addition to a memorial service or a graveside service. Funeral directors often choose this type of arrangement for use at the cemetery.

Adding a word of affection

Standing sprays are typically composed of foliage and a variety of flowers. They usually include a banner or message at the center. You can add a word of affection in a special place on the floral arrangement to show your love for the departed. The words can be very personal, as the recipient will know that you spent a lot of time and thought arranging their funeral flowers.

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