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1.Change the settings for the frequency of information from groups by email.

If you are being bombarded by emails from LinkedIn about discussions in your groups… all you have to do is decrease it! These are the few steps you need to take to amend your settings, select Groups, Companies & Applications and then Set the frequency of group digest! EASY!

2.Customise your News.

When it comes to your News feed, are you getting the information that you need? You can customise this by simply selecting the COG setting up in the right hand corner of the LinkedIn Today screen. This will then open up a way for you to select categories that are relevant to you.

3.Set privacy settings for your profile.

Do you want to keep your connections and company activity private so only a select few  can access the information?  Simply select the Profile section on your settings then  Select who can see your activity feed.

4.Increase your profile strength.

How to achieve an Expert Strength:

  • Get and give recommendations
  • Add your Honours and Rewards
  • Have connections endorse you
  • Join Groups

5.What groups your connections are in?

If you struggle to come up with a reason why you should connect up to others, the Groups Directory section can give you the chance. It will give you a reason to start up a discussion and to avoid using the uniformed LinkedIn wording.  All you have to do is select the Groups tab on the top bar of your page, then select Groups Directory. It will take you to a page where you can see what groups your connections are in.

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