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When you register with Orion to help you with your job search and you receive the phone call you have been waiting for telling you that we have lined you up with an interview, it is easy to forget to ask for important interview information.

A good recruiter should give you the background information you need to be a success!

Here’s my checklist to ensure you take control of your interview process and maximise your chances of success:

Company details – What is the company name, website, social media sites? Any details you can get from the Recruiter regarding their knowledge of the size, number of employees, future plans, office layout, company culture and social scene. This will help you research the company and prepare you for the question “So what do you know about our company?”

Job description – Check if you have the latest copy of the job description and confirm what the salary banding is. Ask what else they know about the job from the hiring manager in addition to the job description.

Your introduction by the recruiter – Check you are on the same page – how did your recruiter represent you in their introduction regarding your skills, background etc. Check the salary level your recruiter has represented you at. The last thing you’ll want is to get to that question and it’s not what they’ve been told.


How many and who – Ask how many people will be interviewing you – one to one or more? What are their names? Will one of them be your point of contact at reception or do you just announce yourself? Google them, look them up on LinkedIn, what’s their career history? Where do they fit in the company structure?

The Golden Nugget Question – Ask if they or their colleagues have ever had candidates on interview there before? What has the feedback been, what information can they share?

Orion want you to succeed, so show some innovative and give us confidence that you are in charge and know what you are doing. Ask these questions, empower yourself and prepare for success. Good luck.”

What questions would you ask, or have you already asked them? Leave a comment below letting us know…

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