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Handling the Job Offer

Or course a job offer is exciting and rewarding, but it also means a big decision. There are many things to consider before you’re ready to answer the phone and hear “you’re hired!”

If you are really happy with the employment opportunity and the salary offer then simply state that you will verbally accept the offer subject to receiving the offer in writing and your acceptance of the contractual terms of employment.

Honesty pays:

If you have other interviews that you would like to attend before you make your final decision, be honest, let the potential employer know you are interested but explain your situation. It is not unreasonable for you to attend other interviews but it is also fair to agree a reasonable timescale with the potential employer as to when you give them your final decision.

Don’t resign from your current post until you have received the employment contract and job offer in writing and that you are fully happy with the terms and conditions.

Cancel all of your outstanding interviews.

The Resignation Process

We understand that resigning can be very difficult for some individuals as you may have been employed with the same company for many years and are potentially leaving behind many close work colleagues and friends. However, you embarked on the journey of finding a new job for good reasons so never loose sight of those reasons.

Prepare your letter of resignation, clearly state your intended finish date and thank your current employer and manager for their continued employment and on going support.

Keep it Professional:

Never get personal about the company. Remember you are probably going to use them as a reference now and in the future.

Always aim to honour your notice period it demonstrates loyalty and integrity, however if you have a long notice period or are tied contractually to a fixed finish date you can always discuss your situation with you current employer and try to negotiate the terms of your notice period.

What if I am counter offered?

There is every possibility that your current employer could try and persuade you to stay in their employment by offering you more money or promising to change your job and job title. Of course this is very flattering and could be tempting as life might be easier with the “devil you know” etc. However, never forget the reasons you wanted to leave in the first instance as many of the issues that you have encountered over the years and forced you to make the decision to start looking for alternative employment will still be issues in the future.

It is also worth highlighting that it can be the easier option for your employer to increase your salary and persuade you to stay in their employment as the likelihood is that they will have to pay an employment agency a fee to replace you and go through the inconvenience of hiring, training and developing your replacement.

It is a statistical fact that over 80% of employees who decide to accept a counter offer that within six months they have become disgruntled again with their employer and are back on the job market.

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