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The first thing to think about trying to pick good set of seat covers is to think about the way you use your car in everyday routines. Consider what kind of passengers you carry in your car, who is sitting in the backseat? What kind of stuff to carry on your seats that is in contact with the surface most of the time. What are the locations you drive to most and other questions? What your answer is to these questions will help you to pick the best seat cover type that will suit your needs. So here is our list of materials that seat covers are made of.

Most popular material descriptions

Canvas Seat Covers

Texture vary from different blends including Classic Canvas to Tweed.

  • Canvas is a material that offers blend of really sturdy polyester and cotton combination. They are strong and soft and watching for them is very easy as they are machine washable.
  • Tweed is a good and pretty popular material that is resistant to moisture with cotton or wool blends which offers soft and durable specifications for seat covers. Most popular pattern of tweed is herringbone twill.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather is a luxury material for seats and the same applies to seat covers. They provide high end and luxury look and feel. Of course keep in mind that using leather seat cover package will be way cheaper than changing the whole surface of your seats.

  • Genuine leather is known for it’s naturalist and pleasant smell of luxury. They are soft and even becomes softer with age. If you have a some extra cash to spend you should always go with leather.
  • Leatherette is vinyl that is a true simulation of real leather. It looks like real and from the first sight you can’t even know that it’s not a genuine leather. Durability from damages such as scratches and fading is also improved.

Mesh Seat Covers

  • Durability is acquired by using layers of breathable knit fabric designed to keep all possible moisture away from your seats and interior in general. They are also good at cooling down your backside.

Neoprene Seat Covers

Mainly used with a purpose to protect your seats from H2O, neoprene is a perfect choice for roofless cars and those who want to protect their seats from seat while going back home after work or training.

  • Neoprene is pretty expensive material made from rubber, this rubber is used in high-end wet-suits and provides maximum comfort thanks to it’s cushion. They are very flexible and easy to clean, also 100% waterproof. Easy installation is also a thing that is worth to take in to account. All temporary covers are made from Neoprene as they are the best material for durability and protection from water.
  • Neosupreme is mix of original neoprene with added polyester. This material are offering almost the same benefits as neoprene but the price is much better. They are water resistant but not at a 100% range comparing to waterproof. They are affordable alternative if you can’t get a set of real neoprene seat covers.

Velour Seat Covers

Plush velour is known for its comfortable feel and adding a luxurious look to the seats of any car, no matter what class it is.

  • Amazing feel of velvet with rich appearance is the key features of ultra-soft velour. They are loved by car owners for their durability and easiness of cleaning spots.

So now you have a basic knowledge of materials that are being used to make most popular car seat covers.

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