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The technological pace of change in the automotive world is nothing short of staggering. In a few short years, vehicles of all types have acquired an impressive array of advanced features that enhance comfort, convenience, and safety.

Just when it seems like the industry can’t advance any further, major auto companies announce a slew of additional tech options. These are detailed not only in press releases but also in the best automobile magazines. Below, we’ve provided a preview of the most exciting tech features to look for in 2023 vehicles: 

5G Connectivity

For a few years, the most technologically advanced vehicles offered 4G LTE connectivity. However, this is about to get a step up as 5G continues to take over. In 2023, the Ford Super Duty will be an early adopter, turning an already powerful vehicle into a technological workhorse. Faster connectivity will provide a powerful advantage to drivers who rely on the Ford Super Duty for work functions.

As Car and Driver points out, the u3pcoming switch to 5G will mean that solutions must be found for previous models that relied on 3G. While some services may be canceled in the near future due to the 5G revolution, telematics units and other specialty devices can be installed to remedy the problem. 

Remote Sensing Technology

A variety of technological improvements have helped drivers improve their awareness of top hazards in the past few years. Some of these safety systems can even step in to prevent damage in the worst-case scenario. Many manufacturers promise to up their game in 2023.

Volvo is clearly at the forefront of this revolution, as evidenced by announcements for the EX90. This will incorporate remote sensing solutions such as a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) module and an internal occupant monitoring system. Details remain scarce, but we expect to see more information on these remote sensing opportunities to be revealed in auto magazines soon. These remote sensing systems will grow even more reliable with other vehicles in the next few years. 

Artificial Intelligence

Another exciting development spearheaded by Volvo? Revolutionary vehicles that draw on artificial intelligence to improve safety and convenience. This is yet another exciting aspect of the EX90. The aforementioned LiDAR technology will rely, in part, on a cutting-edge supercomputer.

Tesla is another obvious leader in AI-enhanced vehicles. The company highlights its most exciting developments with the annual AI Day. While Tesla’s cars may take a backseat to the robot Optimus in 2022, there are still promising improvements on the horizon. Stay tuned for 2023 announcements about AI developments that seem positively futuristic. 

Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are taking over roads all over America, providing an excellent opportunity for eco-conscious drivers. As Racer Magazine points out, these vehicles are versatile, to the point that it’s even dominant at the Rallycross Championships. Meanwhile, we are on the cusp of an autonomous revolution. Soon, these two opportunities will join forces in vehicles that are both autonomous and electric.

The most noteworthy example of this is easily Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 Robotaxi, which will hit the road in 2023. Robotaxis will begin transporting passengers in Las Vegas, but this program should quickly expand to include several other major metropolitan areas. In the near future, this advanced mode of transportation might not be limited to taxis; autonomous electric cars for consumers could be right around the corner.

From 5G connectivity to advanced safety features and even autonomous functionality, it’s clear that the future is bright in the automotive sector. Automobile magazine subscriptions provide a wealth of details about how technology will make our drives safer and more efficient. Get ready to enjoy a whole new experience behind the wheel.


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