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Being trusted with the responsibility of organising your best friend’s stag weekend is a poisoned chalice. It has the potential to be one of the most memorable weekends of your best mate’s life, but, without a little planning, things can go downhill very quickly.

Deciding on hosting the stag weekend in Manchester, however, truly is one of the best decisions you could make and starts the weekend off on the right foot. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are our top tips for planning a stag weekend in Manchester.

Where to stay

Like any major UK city, you’re left spoilt for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to stay in Manchester.

It’s best to stay central and try and get as close as you can to Deansgate, Peter Street and the Deansgate Locks, as that’s where you will likely end up in the evening. In terms of types of accommodation, Manchester’s hotels cater for the entire spectrum of budgets. If you’re a large group, it could be worth looking into renting one of the many available weekend apartments, giving you a little more flexibility and a venue for the after-party.

Daytime activities

After dropping off your bags at your accommodation, you’ve got the whole day to fill before the big night out.

And, in this regard, Manchester does not disappoint.

Manchester is literally bursting at the seams with potential daytime activities, including paintballing, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, Go Karting, golf or taking a tour around the stadium of either Manchester City or Manchester United football clubs. Any one of these activities is a great pre-cursor to the big night that lies ahead.


With over 500 licensed bars in the city centre, Manchester is one of the most well-equipped cities in the UK to host a stag weekend. The city has everything from wine bars, cafe bars, jazz bars and rock clubs, to sports bars. There’s something for every taste, no matter how quirky.

While it’s difficult to list the top bars in Manchester, and heading for the Deansgate Locks is as great a starting point as any, old favourites for stag weekends include Apotheca, in the Northern Quarter, The Liar’s Club, just off Bridge Street, and the Alchemist in Spinning fields.


When it comes to clubbing, Manchester has everything you would expect, and more. Favourites such as Tiger Tiger have a base in the city, while K2 and the Birdcage also make great destinations for your stag weekend.

While the Manchester club scene is, on the whole, hospitable, some clubs have an issue with letting in large single-sex groups, as well as many having a strict dress code. It is, therefore, best to call ahead and book in advance in order to allow your stag weekend to run as smoothly as possible. Clubs like the Birdcage are an excellent choice as they accept table reservations for large groups.

Post-club entertainment

After a long day of activities, and plenty of beers, Manchester is also a great place for post-club entertainment. If you’re tired of dancing the night away, or just not that into clubbing, why not check out the nearest Casino? Playing roulette, blackjack or a bit of poker is a fantastic way to top off a great stag weekend.

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