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So the inevitable happened and you picked a nickel sized crack in your windshield while driving down the highway. You may not think the crack isn’t a big deal or that the crack isn’t worth paying for when it’s that small. On the contrary, the crack will be a big deal if you get into a major accident. But just taking your car into an auto shop for windshield repair in Atlanta won’t help you either. The auto shop may not be able to fix your windshield because most only deal with internal car parts. Instead, look for a professional auto glass service that specializes in glass fixing to meet your needs rather than just letting the crack go until you get into an accident.

The Purpose of Windshields

It is important for you to understand the how and why your windshield is in your car. Other than the facts that the glass is there to help you see out of your car and to protect you from the wind. The windshield is also important for the structural integrity of your car, it helps support the roof if your car rolls over. You don’t want to be squashed by the car if or when that happens. How the glass is made is important to understanding how it works. There are three different layers to the glass, two layers are composite glass and the layer between the glass is a clear plastic called vinyl. That vinyl is there so when either side of the glass breaks, the glass will stay in place rather than falling into the interior of the car. However, this feature doesn’t mean you can just ignore the crack. When the environment comes after the crack again, be it in the form of a rock or the sun melting the plastic, the crack will grow worse until the glass breaks.

Repairing the Windshield

Don’t put off getting the windshield fixed because the crack can distract you are while driving. Getting the crack fixed sooner means a smaller scar and a smaller distraction on your windshield. So after calling for a glass repair service, keep your car in the carport to prevent further damage from the environment. When the technician arrives at your home he will inspect the glass and tell you if the windshield is fixable or not. Generally the glass can be fixable if the crack is on the passenger side. The technician should also tell you how the glass will look cosmetically after the repair job, depending on the windshield the crack could look like anything from a thin line to a water splotch. In the actual process of fixing the crack, the technician will generally clean the windshield on both sides, then he will inject resin into the crack. After the technician is finished, they will tell you to let the resin dry for a half an hour at least before taking out the car again.

Home Remedies

Although it’s not a good idea to wait before getting your windshield repair at any local garage, life can get in the way and it may be awhile before you have the time or money to get the glass fixed. Some things you can do to prepare for when the crack happens is to carry some simple, temporary remedies in the car. If the crack isn’t too big you could use a band aid in a quick hurry or clear glue or clear packing tape. These remedies will only slow down the crack, so take care of the windshield as soon as possible.

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