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When managing your waste, you must eliminate it legally and responsibly. Around 30 million tonnes of household waste is produced annually in the UK. It requires sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of waste being taken to already overflowing landfills.

Be it house clearance or renovations, you will need a cheap skip hire by your side for a smooth  sizeand easy transition. You cannot always dispose of your waste at the nearby recycling centre as it may leave you with junk you cannot get rid of; this is where skip hire Bromley can help you. Our cheap skip hire can quickly eliminate your waste using an appropriate skip size. We ensure that your trash is destroyed effectively.

Some homes have two types of bins – one for general waste and the other for recycling, but this is not always sufficient, especially when planning a home renovation or cleaning a garden. The first step to this issue is to find a reputable cheap skip hire company in your area. They will help you with the right size skip at an affordable price to avoid overfilling and take care of your skip permit.

There are several benefits of hiring a cheap skip hire, and here we discuss why it could be the best option for you and your waste.

It Saves Time and Money

Skip hire is undoubtedly the most-effective way of waste collection. Cheap skip hire will help you save a lot of money that you may spend on any other kind of garbage collector. Besides saving money, it also enables you to save time and energy as they provide a door-pick service for your garbage.

It does not require you to go out to discard your waste, as the skip-hire professionals will collect it from your residence and transport it to the recycling plant.

Hiring a skip bin is one of the simplest, fastest, and most economical methods of getting rid of rubbish. It will also save you time transporting your garbage to the disposal depot.


Another advantage of cheap skip hire is that it is the safest way to collect garbage. If you pick up the trash yourself, you might hurt yourself. There are often sharp, edgy items in the trash, such as leaked or broken glass bottles.

Convenient for Businesses

The most significant benefit of cheap skip hire for business is that it can be delivered to your worksite. It will save your company money and time, resulting in better productivity. You can regularly schedule the skip whenever you need it.


People would generally dump their waste anywhere to save expenses of transporting it to the disposal site, but skip hire service is a sustainable alternative to your waste disposal. Rather than handling hazardous waste without proper knowledge, it is better to call for skip hire. You might have thought of burning your trash, but it releases toxic fumes that could harm breathing.

The skip will ensure that your waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Your waste will be segregated according to its type and recycled to prevent pollution. Some skip-hire services also provide several waste treatments designed to discard toxic substances.

Garbage Type

Your skip bin can dispose of a wide range of waste types. Such as green waste, stone or brick waste, wood products, etc. Inquire with your skip hire company on what kind of waste will be allowed in your skip.

Versatile Solution

Skip bins are available in various sizes. Some may have a significant amount of waste, while others may need a small skip to remove daily waste. It is the primary reason why people opt for skip-hire.

All kinds of skips offer a great solution. However, the open skip is more suitable for removing non-hazardous waste. In contrast, closed skips are ideal for removing hazardous materials that may be potentially harmful to you and the environment.

Increased Safety

You might be storing waste in your garden or backyard, but it could harm your family’s health and safety. Broken metal items or excessive garbage can release toxins into the environment. Skip hire Bromley can discard all these unwanted items from your home and keep them sorted for smooth transportation.

Skip bins will help you avoid potential health issues. It will make your life easier, enable you to dispose of your waste safely, and protect your family from health hazards.

No Legal Issues

The government does not allow improper disposal of waste. It would be best to abide by rules and regulations while hiring a skip. Skip hire is the best solution to avoid legal trouble, as they take care of all the legal aspects before providing you with a skip.

Before booking a skip, please ensure that the company you hire provides valuable service and customer support. They should give you pointers such as having enough space for the skip, watching overhanging cables, and being aware of trees that might make placing a skip difficult.


In the absence of a skip, you may end up making multiple trips to the landfills. It will cost you fuel and time. Cheap skip hire can bring the most economical solution to your waste.


When hiring cheap skip-hire services, it would be beneficial to consider several details. The most crucial factor is the location and skips permit. If you are planning to get a skip on a public road, please convey it to your skip hire company so they can get a skip permit for you.

RMS Skip Hire ensures cheap bin hire services with the most economical waste management at your doorstep. The prices of skip hire Bromley is comparatively less than another skip hire. Check out the skip prices on our website.

We provide flexible skip-hire services; if you need to extend the skip-hire period, you can request it. However, the extension may add to the total bill amount.

Visit us online to learn more about our services, or call us at +44 20 8131 0044.

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