Cottontailva streamer face reveal. This vtuber has been giving sneak peeks of her new look on her vlog for a while now, and you can now see them for yourself! This cottontail twitch face reveal is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

cottontailva streamer face reveal

CottontailVA is a popular Twitch streamer who has gained a large following on social media. She is a professional voice actor based in Canada who plays different video games live on the Twitch platform. Although she is still a relatively unknown face, her popularity is largely due to her popularity as a social media star.

Despite her huge fan base, the Twitch streamer’s true identity has remained a mystery. She has only revealed her voice acting talent, so fans and followers have been curious to see what she looks like. Despite her growing popularity, the real face of Cottontailva has remained a mystery.

Cottontailva is a famous Twitch streamer who also makes popular YouTube videos. She gained fame by doing voice acting and has a lovely voice. However, the real identity of the voice actress remains a mystery, especially to the Twitch community. In addition to her voice acting skills, the Twitch community has shown a lot of interest in her, and her popularity is growing as a social media influencer.

Fans of Cottontailva are interested in knowing her real name and age. She has a YouTube channel with more than 120K subscribers and more than 122K Twitch followers. The real name of this voice actor is unknown, but fans can find out more about her by watching the video. Cottontailva’s age is estimated at 25 to 30 years. It is unclear when she was born, but she sounds young.

Though she hasn’t revealed her face, Cottontailva has been using Twitch as her primary source of income. Her videos are filled with foul language, and she doesn’t shy away from using vulgar language. Cottontailva hasn’t revealed her real name, but it is speculated that she is based in Virginia, USA.

In addition to her popularity as a voice actor, CottontailVA’s net worth has also grown. Though she hasn’t revealed her real name, she’s estimated to earn around $280,000 a month through Twitch Partner revenue. With over 3600 Twitch subscribers, she earns over $9,000 per month from Twitch subscriptions alone.

cottontailva twitch face


A popular Twitch streamer has been gaining more fame in recent weeks, but her real identity has remained a mystery. The Twitch community has hailed her dedication and originality as a Twitch streamer, but the real face behind the avatar is still unknown. While her voice acting skills have gotten her a lot of recognition, the mystery surrounding her true identity remains.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Cottontailva is her age. While it sounds as if she is a young, energetic woman, her real name and birth date are still unknown. It’s also not clear what kind of zodiac sign she belongs to. This mystery is causing fans to speculate about Cottontailva’s real identity.

In an effort to stay anonymous, CottontailVA has not revealed her true name. However, her Twitch bio describes herself as an energetic bunny chick. Despite the fact that her real name is not revealed, her Twitch followers are familiar with her persona, and her Twitch name is “Cottontail”. She spells her name in all caps, which suggests that she might have been born in Virginia.

There have been a few notable decorations on Twitch recently who have begun using the platform. However, it is yet to be known for certain if Cottontailva will do a Twitch face reveal. Her videos have been highly controversial and have gained an increasing number of followers.

However, this is not the only interesting fact about CottontailVA. She also has a large following on YouTube and has a dedicated Twitch account. She has even made a name for herself through her voice acting and vlogs. It is unknown how much money she earns, but it is clear that the virtual character is a rising star in the Twitch world.

Cottontailva’s popularity is largely due to her voice acting. The anime character is known for being an attractive and unique voice actress. Her voice has been described as beautiful, and she is a very skilled conversationalist. With her loyal Twitch following, Cottontailva is a popular Twitch streamer.

cottontailva twitch face reveal

Streaming Twitch games as Cottontailva has earned her a following of over a hundred thousand people. Aside from Twitch, she’s also a popular personality on YouTube and Twitter. While she hasn’t revealed her real name, there’s no doubt that this talented virtual character is dedicated to her craft.

Fans of Cottontailva have been curious to learn who the Twitch character really is. It has been revealed that she may be between 25 and 30 years old, but she’s never revealed her real face on the Twitch platform. Her fans are eager to get to know her real name and face, and they’d love to know how old she is.

While Cottontailva hasn’t disclosed any significant personal information on the Internet, her voice and face are energetic and youthful. Unfortunately, there’s no way to find out her zodiac sign. Fortunately, she hasn’t revealed her age or date of birth either.

The voice actor who is Cottontailva became a sensation on Twitch after releasing her first video. Though her name is still secret, she has grown huge on the social network by starring in a number of popular video games and voicing her characters. Many famous streamers use Twitch to spread their videos and interact with their fans.

cottontailva streamer

Cottontailva is a popular Twitch streamer, who has gained quite a following on the platform. She is a talented voice actress who became famous by playing various video games live on the platform. Though her real name is not revealed, many people believe that she is from Virginia. She hasn’t said where she lives or where she came from, but you can still get a clue about her from her videos.

Streamers like Cottontailva are increasingly popular on Twitch, as the platform has a large user base. Although most Twitch users are anonymous, a few well-known streamers are gaining popularity. Cottontailva hasn’t revealed her face in her recent videos, but she has been revealing the identity of the character in her stream. Fans are eager to find out the identity of this mysterious Twitch streamer.

It is unknown how old Cottontailva is, though her voice sounds energetic. No details about her zodiac sign or real name have been revealed, but her real age is believed to be somewhere in the twenty-fives to thirtys. In any case, she has been a popular Twitch streamer for a while, but her true identity has yet to be revealed.

Cottontailva is a famous Twitch streamer who has gained popularity due to her voice acting skills. In addition to her video game streaming, she also enjoys a dedicated YouTube audience. Since she has a good voice, she can easily move conversations. This is just one of the reasons why she is a great Twitch streamer.

Though it is unclear how much money Cottontailva makes from her live streams and videos, it is certain that she is well-known among her fans. She has over 120K followers on YouTube, which is impressive for someone who doesn’t reveal their face. In addition to being a popular streamer, Cottontailva has been an extremely successful voice actor for years.

CottontailVA was born in Canada, but has not revealed her real name. She attended a private school in her hometown but has not divulged her higher education. She’s a Canadian, and doesn’t have any siblings. She is unmarried and may have dated at least one person in the past few years.


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Trip to Andaman with Friends!

Traveling with friends was on our bucket list for a very long time! There were three of us, my twin brother and me, and our two best friends. But every time, something or the other deprived us of our dream! However, when God proposes, nothing can dispose it! So when our aunt told us about this low-cost tour package to the tropical paradise, Andaman Islands, we jumped at the idea! The land of the alluring blue sea, dense rainforests, and a clean and quiet environment! 

Who would want to miss the opportunity? So, we hurriedly contacted our tour operator Adventure Andaman, and booked one the best Andaman tour packages.

So as it was destined, one fine day, we found ourselves standing on the land of the Veritable Garden of Eden! No need to think, it is Port Blair! My friend was clueless too, and gave me a wry smile at my reply! However, he was more interested in visiting the Cellular Jail, what was known as the ‘Kala Pani’ during British India! Our first visit was to the scenic paradise Corbyn Cove Beach! And it was a stunner – A turquoise blue sea lying beside a radiant white strip of sand with coconut palms for company! It was so soothing to the heart! 

The quiet, tranquil environment was a much relief from the ever-buzzing sound of the traffic! And the crystal clear waters with coral reefs were a scene we had never seen! It was blissful! The eateries and shops were fun!


But being a History student, I was more interested in visiting the landmarks reminiscent of British India! For instance, the Light and Sound program! And I got so disappointed when tickets weren’t available! But the grandeur of the Cellular Jail more or less made up for the loss! It awakened our patriotic love, and the torture born by our freedom fighters is still visible on the walls! 

That night we returned to the resort absorbed in love for our nation. However, we had already booked our ferry tickets Andamans to North Bay and Ross Island early in the morning left my brother and our friends, brimming with excitement!

My brother was hiding something from me, which I was trying to make out but could never do it! In the morning, we reached the Andaman Sports Complex, and my brother said we would first go to Ross Island when our program was to visit the North Bay! Little did I know that he wanted to give me the experience to cherish all my life! Sailing on the waves was a beautiful experience! But the wonder was waiting to unfold on the Island! The Penal Colony, O’ My God! The remains of an entire colony during British India – The Bakery, Church, Government House, and Cemetery, Wow! It was indeed an exhilarating experience! I gave my brother a tight hug! Then we had a jolly good time in North Bay! 

The luscious taste of the Grilled Lobsters lingered on! We skipped water sports though, as Havelock had immense opportunities for diving in the aqua magic! But our second day was well spent and holding the experience in our hearts, we took to our beds!

The next day was our journey toward the people’s favorite, Havelock! We caught the luxury cruise from Pheonix Bay Jetty! However, we reached late because our friend was busy in his dreams! I became nervous because it was our first experience! So we had to hurry to catch it! Those two hours were also an unforgettable experience!

The tour support team received us at Havelock. The blue, pristine environment of Havelock was spectacular. The blue streak of the ocean seeped into our hearts! Our hotel was clean and hygienic, but the greenery and scenic surroundings were more beautiful! We could not wait to explore the place! The Radhanagar Beach, with its glistening bluish-green water was stunning! Our two friends registered for scuba diving. We brothers were hesitant initially. 

So we chose the safe, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and to be honest, we were left spellbound by the magical Coral Reefs! The vibrant colors combined with the mesmerizing life flowing beneath are beyond expression!

This ride inspired us to take up Snorkeling! And what a memorable experience it was to be amidst the mystical coral reefs. The gleaming starfish and octopus, earthworms and jellyfish, the entire scene were like a dream seen with open eyes! We all enjoyed ourselves like never before! But before we could fully explore Havelock, it was time to return to Port Blair! 

A tinge of disappointment ran through our hearts because we had never experienced such beauty! But we promised each other to return to the Andamans and this time for more days!

We returned to Port Blair and back to the hotel! We were all exhausted and also missing Havelock. But once we got off the ferry my friends hurriedly called the cab for Cellular Jail. 


I was clueless about what they were doing! I didn’t know they had already booked tickets for the ‘Light and Sound Show’! Such are true friends who take care of your dreams and wishes! What a grand show it was! We got to know the atrocities born by our freedom fighters at the hands of the British here in Andamans! We had dinner at the beautiful Amaya Restaurant! 

The sea-facing arrangement made the food even more delicious! But we did not have the time to enjoy our food as we had to rush to Aberdeen Bazar to shop for souvenirs! My aunt especially deserves it for showing us this fantastic spot on the world map called the Andamans! 

Aberdeen Bazar is another jewel in Port Blair! It is a mini world filled with awe-inspiring artifacts, clothes and jewelry! We picked up little gifts for our families!

It was late at night when we reached our hotel! We were tired, so we just went to sleep! The next day we departed for Kolkata with a heavy heart! It has been two months, but the whole scene is fresh in my memory! The blue reflection of the beach refuses to leave us! The Andamans are the blue glory one must experience at least once in his life to feel the joy of Beauty!