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Celebrity Name Vaughn Evelyn Levesque
Popular For Daughter of Stephaine McMahon
Profession Student
Estimated Net Worth $10 million
Age 11
Birth Date 2010
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Place Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Height 3 feet 10 inches
Father Triple H
Mother Stephaine McMohan
Siblings Murphy Claire Levesque and Aurora Rose Levesque

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the youngest daughter of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She was born on August 24, 2010. She has two older sisters. She is also the granddaughter of Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE. Her maternal uncle Shane McMahon is a former wrestler.

Stephanie McMahon


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the daughter of WWE superstar Stephanie McMahon and businesswoman Stephaine Levesque. She has a net worth of $10 million. She is still too young to begin a professional wrestling career, but she is involved in sports activities at her high school. Her father, Triple H, is a multi-millionaire, earning $40 million thanks to his record-breaking wins in the ring. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is single and has never been in a serious relationship.

Stephanie McMahon is a fourth-generation wrestler who is married to WWE’s Triple H. Her husband is a popular media personality, and the two are also parents to two older daughters, Aurora Rose Levesque and Murphy Claire Levesque. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque was born on August 24, 2010, after Stephanie and Triple H had been married for seven years. The couple recently took their daughters to a concert by Katy Perry, where they met the pop superstar backstage.

Stephanie McMahon’s daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque, was interested in the WWE when she was a child. She wanted to inherit The Big Man’s seat, and the legacy that her family has built. However, it is possible that Vaughn Evelyn Levesque will take a different approach to the world of professional wrestling.

Stephanie McMahon has also appeared in voice over roles and on promotional posters for WWE events. She recently announced that she is writing a memoir that will be released in 2020. She has also been on the celebrity edition of Undercover Boss. On the show, she was disguised as a new employee in the WWE business office. The show shows her overseeing the creative writing team and overseeing the development of the WWE brand.

Stephanie McMahon Levesque is the daughter of Vince McMahon, the former WWE champion. Her parents were married for over two decades and are recognized by many fans as the ultimate power couple of the sport. Her relationship with her father is the stuff of WWE scripts.

Stephanie McMahon started appearing on WWE television shows in 1999. She held the WWF Women’s Championship once and became the General Manager of SmackDown in 2002. She eventually quit after a “I-quit” match with her father, Triple H. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have two children, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, 11, and Murphy Claire Levesque, 13. They both have a passion for sports and enjoy wrestling.

Levesque has two older sisters. She married Peter Levesque in 2003 and they have two children, Vaughn Evelyn, born on July 24, 2006, and Aurora Rose Levesque, born on 27 July 2008. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to care for her children and raise them.

Stephanie McMahon is an American wrestler and entrepreneur. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! She has also made appearances on various ESPN shows. Most recently, Stephanie McMahon was the honorary chair of the Connecticut Special Olympics in October 2013.

Triple H


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the third child born to Triple H and his wife Stephanie. They were married in 2003 and have a daughter. Their relationship is not based on pure love, but was forced by the WWE’s strict rules. In order to be allowed to get married, they had to be employees of the company. Both of their parents work for the company, and they both have to abide by all the company’s rules.

Vaughn Levesque is a mixed-race child with Irish and French Canadian ancestry. Her mother is Irish and her father is French-Canadian. She was raised in the wrestling industry and has two sisters and a brother. She was born on 24 August 2010 and will be eleven years old in 2021.

Her parents are rich and well-connected in the professional wrestling industry. They have a combined net worth of $150 million. Their father is a former professional wrestler and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development at WWE. Stephanie McMahon is a businesswoman and the daughter of the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. She owns 2.5 million shares in the company.

Her mother is a well-known WWE celebrity. She is married to WWE superstar Triple H. Stephanie is also the Chief Brand Officer of the company. Her husband is also married to Stephanie. Stephanie and Triple H have three daughters. Their youngest daughter, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, was born on August 24, 2010.

Stephanie McMahon, the WWE champion, knows about the pressure of public scrutiny, and is trying to keep her children out of the media as much as possible. However, she knows that her daughter Vaughn has a great interest in wrestling. They have even had mock wrestling matches at home. Their elder daughter, Aurora, also is a WWE fan.

The couple also have a daughter named Aurora Rose Levesque. She has been married to Triple H since 1999. She is his oldest daughter. She is also the mother of his other daughter, Murphy Claire Levesque. Her older sister, Stephanie McMahon, has three children.

Despite their phony relationship, the couple are still happily married and sharing three daughters. Although they split up two times in the past, they remain together without rumors of divorce. They have three daughters together, the oldest of whom was born on July 24, 2006. The second was born on July 28, 2008.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s daughter Aurora Rose is an avid WWE fan and has already begun training to become the world’s strongest person. She has a passion for wrestling and her parents are supportive of it. The two have also been seen staging mock fights in her home, and she is already a big fan of wrestling.

Their daughters are very similar to their parents in the WWE. As a result, they can easily be targets for bullies. Similarly, they are raised in a home filled with kids, and they are not immune to being the targets of bullies. Aurora Rose Levesque is the first of them to follow their parents’ footsteps and become a professional wrestler. Her mother hopes that Aurora Rose will become a future women’s champion.

Aurora Rose Levesque

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the daughter of Stephanie McMahon and the WWE superstar Triple H. She is one of three children, and is the youngest. She was born on August 24, 2010, and has the zodiac sign of Virgo. Her parents are both former wrestlers, and her father is the 14-time world champion.

The Levesque family is proud of its three daughters. Three of them are wrestlers, and Aurora Claire Levesque is following in her father’s footsteps. She is currently training with Natalya, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair. Their mother, Stephanie McMahon, revealed the news during a question on Fox First Things First.

Aurora Rose Levesque was born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Her parents are Paul Michael Levesque, a former professional wrestler and business executive. He is the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development at the WWE. Her mother, Stephanie McMahon, is a fourth generation wrestling promoter.

Aurora Rose Levesque is training to be a professional wrestler. She has previously trained under Charlotte (Flair) and Natalya, but she is now preparing to become a women’s champion. Her mother is very proud of her, and she has made it clear that she is grateful to Linda McMohan, who served as CEO of WWE for empowering her daughter to pursue her dreams.

Levesque and Vaughn faked their relationship on screen, but they actually married in 2003 and are still together. The couple have three daughters. Despite their busy schedules, Stephanie McMahon is a great mother to their children.

Aurora Rose Levesque was born on August 24, 2010 in the United States. She is the youngest of the three Levesque children. Her parents are famous American wrestlers Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The other two children, Vaughn Evelyn Levogue and Stephanie Rose Levesque, are also members of the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon is a fourth generation professional wrestler and a successful businesswoman. She began working for WWE as a child and is currently the chief brand officer of the company. She has three daughters with Triple H. Their oldest daughter, Aurora Rose, has shown an interest in the world of wrestling.

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