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The birth flower for December is the Narcissus. Also known as Paperwhites, the Narcissus represents innocence and sweetness. It also symbolizes protection. The flower is frequently confused with the Daffodil, but they are in the same family. It’s a beautiful flower and is a perfect match for those born in December.



The beautiful flower Narcissus is the birth flower for the month of December. It’s a relatively small flower, but it’s so fragrant and pretty, it will brighten up any room. You can give this lovely flower as a plant or as a bouquet of cut flowers. Care for your narcissus by keeping them in a clean, room temperature water. Also, be sure to add flower food. It is also advisable to cut the stems of the flower at a 45-degree angle. This will ensure that the flowers can absorb water better.

The paperwhite Narcissus is a winter blooming plant from the Narcissus genus, which also includes the daffodil. It’s the birth flower of December and is associated with good wishes, hope and prosperity. It also represents purity. Because of its trumpet-shaped flower, this flower is also known as the “paperwhite Narcissus.” These flowers are typically white or yellow, but hybrids have been created that come in a variety of other colors.


The December birth flower, holly, symbolizes protection and merriment. It is also a symbol of fertility and a cheerful mood, which make it a perfect gift for many occasions. Holly is a winter flower, but its bright red berries will remind you of spring.

This plant has small spring-like blossoms, which are more attractive in the winter months. It is also a symbol of domestic happiness, as its berries are semi-toxic. Holly is considered a protective plant, which is why it is used as a walking stick.


Paperwhite is the birth flower for December and belongs to the Narcissus genus. They are small, paper-thin flowers that bloom during winter. They are very fragrant and are often planted in containers. The ideal location for a paperwhite plant is a shallow pot, three to four inches deep. The best way to care for this flower is to water it occasionally, but don’t fertilize it. You can also use decorative stones to keep the plant upright.

Paperwhite flowers are a favorite flower for those born in December. Although they bloom during the cold winter months, they symbolize the beauty of spring. Narcissus is also the birth flower for the Capricorn sign. This flower symbolizes pureness and hope.

Lily of the valley

The Lily of the Valley is a beautiful perennial that is associated with May. This flower, also known as Convallaria majalis, has a name that means “May valley.” It’s part of the asparagus family and grows throughout most of the northern hemisphere. Its fragrant flower has an enchanting aroma, which makes it popular as a wedding flower. The flower’s name in French means “muguet,” and it appears in many perfumes.

The Lily of the Valley is also the birth flower of May. Unlike other flowers, it only blooms during certain seasons. The flower, also known as May Bell, is only available during certain times of the year, so it is important to choose the right time of year to give it to your loved one.


Chrysanthemums are the birth flower of November. These beautiful flowers are easy to grow and have numerous symbolic meanings. In addition to their symbolic value, chrysanthemums are a popular cut flower and come in a variety of colors. These flowers are native to Asia and are also known as mums. They are also thought to bring good luck into a home.

A variety of colors and shapes make chrysanthemums a beautiful addition to any garden. They also make great bedding plants. The best time to plant a chrysanthemum is early spring. Most varieties are hardy and prefer a well-draining soil. They usually bloom for up to two weeks.

May’s birth flower

The birth flower of May is the daffodil. May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the third of seven months with 31 days. A daffodil is an important birth flower for May, as it symbolizes the new beginning. In many cultures, May is celebrated as a day of growth and abundance.

The flower symbolizes the hopes and dreams of the benefactors. When given as a gift, May flowers are ideal for expressing appreciation and affection for family and friends. They are also symbolic of sweetness, motherhood, and humility. The flowers are a wonderful way to express your deepest emotions when celebrating someone’s birthday.

February’s birth flower

The birth flower for February is the violet, which is considered one of nature’s most beautiful flowers. Its purple hue and fan-like petals make it a very recognizable flower. It belongs to the genus Viola and is typically found in the Northern Hemisphere. The flower is also the official flower of four states.

The iris is another flower with a unique shape. It has three outer petals that dangle from the stem, and three inner petals that are upright. This flower is traditionally associated with eloquence, faith, wisdom, and hope.

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