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You are preserving family history. With the advances in technology, like photo restoration, it’s possible to edit, enhance and save your images in digital files, which you can share with other family members or friends electronically. Recently, it has become all too common to never view important photos hidden within a phone or hidden away in a box. Photographs are your best memories.

What is Photo Restoration?

In order to generate digital copies of the photographs while simultaneously enhancing their quality and fixing damage, photo restoration is the process of applying digital restoration technologies.


Although photo restoration has been around for a while, it has recently become much more accessible to the general public thanks to the development of photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and consumer-grade scanners. Now, anyone can try their hand at photo restoration and return images to their original state.


Most graphic designers are adept at repairing images, but certain photographs require picture fixes that call for professional assistance. A good photo restoration studio like MemoryCherish can use picture retouching to crop out unwanted subjects or add natural-looking color to a monochrome image.

Even though the majority of individuals can afford the materials and equipment required for picture restoration, owning them does not ensure success.


In actuality, mastering the software’s use as well as how to repair harmed or deteriorating images involves a protracted and difficult learning process that may take years of practice. That’s why many people go for professional photo restoration studios that can provide much better results.


How Does Photo Restoration Work?

Although photo restoration might be a difficult process, it can be broken down into manageable phases that must be carried out in order.

The images that you wish to digitally repair must first be scanned. Use a high-quality scanner that can create high-quality photographs; it will be essential for utilizing the software to edit the photos. You will need to employ a few different methods to handle concerns like stains, rips, fading, fractures, holes, and scratches after you have copied the photographs to your computer.

After that, you should examine the color cast, which can frequently go off due to age and scanning. To make the colors more accurate, use a white balance dropper tool. Using the levels tool in Photoshop to restore contrast and dynamic range is another crucial restoration technique that will help you make the image look more consistent and natural.


A cloning and healing brush can also be used to repair rips and tears since it allows you to choose the damaged region and use the surrounding colors to smooth out the inconsistencies.


Preservation of Your Originals

The maintenance of your originals is a major advantage. In the case of deteriorating photographs, time is essential. The best photo restoration app can prevent further damage to the original mattering so much if it does occur.

  • Eliminate Scratches, Folds, Tears and Fading

Using free software like Google Picasa, you might be able to scan your old photos digitally and fix numerous flaws. If you want to restore old images, you may use software and internet guides, but hiring professionals like us will provide the greatest results. Look out for your old images, historic photographs, family photographs, faded photographs, torn photographs, creased photographs, photographs that need repairing, photographs that need restoring and get your pictures fixed now.

  • Sepia or full colour can be added to black and white photos.

When restoring old photos, we can add a natural sepia to old black and white pictures, so all your restored images match each other. Memory Cherish can even transform your ideas to full color. Professional restoration and editing techniques can add more explicit focus or sharpness, besides adding natural shades to the images.

  • Electronic Storage 

By restoring old photographs, you may turn them into digital images that are simple to share with loved ones and save. With technological advances, it’s possible to take an entire photo collection and keep it on CD, DVD or memory stick. This can be a simple approach to safely obtain an extra duplicate that will remain almost forever or conveniently recover a specific set of photos. Print a duplicate photo that you want.

  • Genealogical Benefits

For historians, the benefits of restoring old photos are often considered priceless. The genealogical benefits are essential to anybody trying to build a family tree.Any historically significant images should be restored using professional methods.

  • Ease of sharing

Any historically significant images should be restored using professional methods. This can be an easy method to locate a specific collection of images or to securely store a second copy that will be preserved for the foreseeable future. Print as many copies as you need, or distribute digital files via email. On archive paper, you may even make exact copies of whole picture albums that won’t deteriorate over time thanks to the paper’s use.

  • Enhances the image quality


No matter how wonderful they were, images typically lose their value over time. The photographs we capture are impacted by time. You must take action with them in order to maintain the image at better standards. With the right editing and cropping tools, you can restore their original appearance or raise the overall quality of the photograph. A skilled specialist may do all of this work during restoration. The final product will have better image quality.

These are only a few advantages of recovering your old pictures.

So check your favourite family photographs now. To ensure that you, your family, and future generations may enjoy them, please choose the most significant ones and have them digitised and repaired.

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