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Summer Miami Luellen is the daughter of Yung Miami. Although she is only 16 years old, she is still quite popular in the music industry. Her father is a famous American rapper named Yung Miami. She is a talented singer, and has already won a few awards.

Yung Miami’s daughter

Rapper Yung Miami is the mother of two children, one son and one daughter. Her first child was named Jai Malik. It is unclear when she was born, as she and her ex-boyfriend were in a rocky relationship at the time of the birth. However, they did manage to get back together after the child was born.

Summer Miami Luellen was born in 2019 and is the daughter of Yung Miami and Southside. She shares an elder brother, Jai Wiggins Jr., who is ten years old. Because of her fame on social media, the singer could be earning a decent amount of money.

Yung Miami is known for her controversies. One of her most infamous statements was about the LGBTQ community. While she apologized for the comment later, it still hurt the LGBTQ+ community. In 2015, she came into the spotlight after she was beaten up by her then-boyfriend, Jai Wiggins. Yung Miami’s full name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee, but she has used her stage name ever since.

Yung Miami’s daughter is one of the most famous faces in pop music. She was born in Miami, United States. Yung Miami is an American pop singer and a member of the hip hop group City Girls. Her career started when she accompanied rapper JT. He was born in 1992. Yung Miami’s other songs include ‘Top-Notch’, ‘Shisha,’ and ‘Twerk’.

Although Yung Miami and Southside are no longer dating, the two are still parents. In fact, Southside revealed to the public that he and Yung Miami are “co-parenting without romantic involvement.” He said that he’s “proud” of City Girl and that he’s “not intimate” with her.

While Yung Miami’s daughter Summer Miami has been getting massive public attention for almost five years, the duo have kept a close friendship and have developed a close bond. Their fame has only strengthened their relationship. They are both best friends and continue to support each other in their careers.

Yung Miami’s daughter Summer Miami Luellen was born two months after her mother was attacked in her car. Luckily, she survived the attack. Yung Miami’s daughter also gets plenty of love from her father’s City Girls partner, JT. Despite her small stature, Summer Miami is a confident young woman who doesn’t mind being photographed.

Her father


Summer Miami Luellen is the daughter of Yung Miami and Southside. Her parents are famous in the rap world and are the members of the hip hop duo City Girls. She was born on February 2, 1989. Her father, Southside, is also the father of 5 other children. Summer has an elder brother named Jai Wiggins Jr.

Her father is renowned Southside, the producer of the hit track “Commas”. She was born in Miami, Florida, and attended the same elementary school as her father, Yung Miami. In 2017, her mother Keenya Young was jailed for 5 years but was released on bail in March 2021. The young singer has not revealed her father’s name on social media. She has a brother and a sister. She is of mixed race and practices Christianity.

Summer Miami Luellen’s parents met through a mutual friend and began dating. The two later split. Summer was born on October 16, 2019 in the United States. The rap duo is based in Miami, Florida. She has over 250k Instagram followers. Her father is a famous American rapper. The couple was together for a year before he gave birth to their daughter.

Summer Miami Luellen is the daughter of Masaba Tyson and Yung Miami. She has a seven-year-old son named Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. and a one-year-old daughter, Summer Miami Luellen. She is very popular on Instagram and on the radio. Her father is Southside.

Yung Miami and Southside have co-parenting issues. They split up in late 2020. However, the couple welcomed a daughter, Summer Miami Luellen, in October of this year. However, the two have publicly clashed, with Yung Miami accusing Southside of being a “deadbeat dad” in a tweet. The rapper deleted the tweet, but he has not confirmed the rumors.

After the birth of their daughter, Caresha Romeka was fired from her job. However, she was able to survive. Summer Miami Luellen’s father, Yung Miami, died a few months later.

Her age

Summer Miami Luellen is a child of a famous American rapper. She is a member of the rap group City Girls. She is three years old in 2022 and has a large fan following on Instagram. As of September 2022, Luellen has over 240k followers on Instagram. Her overloaded cuteness and charming smile make her extremely popular. Her Instagram posts get a lot of positive responses from her fans. She is already a celebrity child at a young age.

Summer Miami Luellen is the daughter of rapper Yung Miami. Her mother was a victim of an attack two months before her birth. Fortunately, the attack did not kill her. Yung Miami’s ex-lover Jai Wiggins was the person who attacked her. Luellen’s age is only one factor in her popularity, but it doesn’t stop her from making a good amount of money on the Internet.

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