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Shaun So – A Closer Look at Shaun So’s Personal Life

Real Name Shaun So
Alias Shaun
Famous for Being the husband of Anna Chlumsky
Profession Entrepreneur, and Celebrity partner
Date of Birth Not Known
Birth Year 1980
Age (as in 2022) 43 years old
Sexuality Male
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace The United States
Current Residence The United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $3-4 million USD approx.
Education Qualification Graduate

Shaun So began his career as an intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He stayed with this federal agency until April 2006, when he left to become a defense contractor for McNeil Technologies. Later, he served as a counterintelligence special agent for the United States Army, leading a team responsible for international and domestic combat operations.

Shaun So met his future wife, Anna Chlumsky, at a party. They began dating and later became engaged. Anna and Shaun married in 2008, shortly after they were engaged. Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So’s families are Catholic and Chinese, respectively. Shaun So is the husband of Anna Chlumsky, an actress who debuted on television after her husband’s fame.

While Shaun So is an Internet celebrity, he is also an entrepreneur with a high net worth. In addition to being a media personality, he has a large salary. But most people don’t know the details of his personal life. Fortunately, there are some basic facts available that will give you a general idea of his finances and how much he earns.

Shaun So was born in the United States on 1 January 1980. He is of Chinese descent and is an American citizen. He studied at the University of Chicago in 1999 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He also received Mandarin language training at Tsinghua University in 2001. Following his graduation, he worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years before starting his current position.


Shaun So is a married man and has three children with his wife, Anna Chlumsky. They have been married for over 10 years and have two daughters together. So does not share his phone number publicly. He is active on social media sites. In addition to being a father, Shaun So has been known to enjoy a drink or two. His family is Chinese and his father runs a Chinese restaurant in Topsham, Maine.

Shaun So met Anna Chlumsky while studying at the University of Chicago. Anna and Shaun So began dating in 2004 and got engaged in October 2007. The couple later welcomed two daughters. The couple will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in 2022. While their relationship has remained strong, Shaun So and Anna continue to stay loyal to each other. They will celebrate their wedding anniversary together on February 9, 2022. Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky were married in New York on 8 March 2008.

Shaun So is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He co-founded the nonprofit Digital Services Coalition and has contributed articles to Forbes magazine. He has also worked as a US Army contractor and has been involved with numerous business ventures.

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