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Sectors That Will Boom After The Lockdown

Sectors That Will Boom After The Lockdown

Sectors that will boom after lockdown

COVID 19 has not only changed the human lifestyle but has also changed the way of doing business. Most of the businesses have shifted from offline to online mode. Online businesses are the worst hit business during this pandemic. So let’s see the Sectors that will boom after lockdown

OTT Platforms

Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc. are the examples of OTT platforms. Because of the current situation, movies are also getting released on OTT platforms which earlier used to get released only in movie theater and multiplexes.

Due to COVID 19, multiplexes will remain be closed for some time. OTT will be one of Sectors that will boom after lockdown.

Habit formation also plays a vital role in this scenario. If people will build up a habit of using OTT platforms, then even after the end of this pandemic people would prefer watching movies and shows on OTT platforms which would result in decrease in demand of movie theaters.


Sectors that will boom after lockdown

Post COVID-19, there will be an upward shift in the demand of e-commerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Now, people are building a habit of living with COVID-19 and that is why due to safety measures, they have starting using e-commerce websites for fulfilling their daily needs instead of purchasing stuff by physically visiting the departmental or grocery stores.

Till Lockdown 3.0, the operations of e-commerce companies were temporarily closed but after lockdown 4.0, it started getting back on the track. The boom in the e-commerce website will definitely affect the business of offline stores.

In fact, recently Reliance jio has introduced its E-commerce website known as Jio Mart which provides all the pantry at your door step. Making e-com in the list of sectors that will boom after lockdown

Product based technology Company

Post COVID-19, we will surely see a growth in product-based technology companies. We have noticed that during covid-19, lot of focus is drawn on Online tools and products.

Talking about online tools then the demand of platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, slack etc. has tremendously increased. Because of work from home scenario, companies are using these video conferencing tools to conduct their company meetings.

Not only companies, but individuals are also these video conferencing platforms. We have also noticed that some webinars or marriage functions etc. are being conducted on video conferencing platforms like zoom. Making product based technology in the list of sectors that will boom after lockdown

Ed- Tech Companies

Apart from this, there is an Ed-Tech sector that will grow after this pandemic. Education technology companies such as unacademy, Byju’s Vedantu, etc.  provides online coaching and live classes.

Post Covid-19, Online Teaching will become a new normal in the country and most of the people will also get benefitted through this. People would be able to have a quality education from any corner of the  world.

In fact, during Covid-19 the demand for Coursera, udemy, skillshare, etc. has also increased Counting number to my list sectors that will boom after lockdown.

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