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Get to know three simple facts about tea consumption.

First, you have a desire to organize a profitable business on the popular product: tea.

Second, tea is a profitable product.

Third, people are starting to think about what they drink, and the “invisible tea” in teabags replaced tea in bulk.

What you need

*Choose a place in a good area, close to a good flow of people, large shopping and office centers

*In residential areas is better to open the tea units, designed for the mass market with the traditional range of products and affordable prices, and for tea boutique with a large assortment of varieties and elite you need the room or in the central business districts.

Tea is one of the impulse purchases. Even if a person did not plan to buy tea, but he liked the showcase or bewitched atmosphere, he would make the purchase. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention to the creation of comfort in the store. As experience shows, almost 60% of buyers prefer to go back to the tea shops they liked. Create homelike atmosphere of coziness.

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