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Winning the jackpot or winning money in an online slot game is a dream of almost all casino connoisseurs. Though online slot games are generally random, the luck factor plays a huge role in their success. Knowing the basics when playing with high stakes is essential. Maximizing the chances of winning requires proper choosing of online gaming slots. It’s a rather cumbersome process due to the increasing number and variety of betting machine slots within the online gaming market.  

criteria for selecting the best online slots.

When you wish to place a bet in a slot machine, poker, blackjack, and roulette, it is always wise to choose the right one to bet on. To make a good choice, we need to know the different categories of slots available in online slot games. Many factors are involved in this process, like knowing the settings, choosing the right slot, knowing when to stop, and having a notion about the budget you are willing to spend to avoid disappointment later. It is also wiser to start slow, learn the tricks along the way and then bet big.

Types of online slots

The commonly available online slots include

  • Traditional slots

Also called classic slots, they are electronically operated and are displayed as reels and symbols on the screen. The reels can be up to three to seven with many pay lines. To make them attractive to the players, they come in various designs, shapes, colours, and animation.

  • The 3-D slots

This is an advanced version and is more aesthetically pleasing due to the three-dimensional look. It drastically enhances the user experience.

  • Progressive jackpot slots

It has an excellent design with good esthetics, extremely popular due to its ability to make the player win big.

Criteria for choosing a good online slot

You must check these things if you are looking for a good online slot. 

  • RTP Payout

It stands for Return to the player; the machine returns some percentage of the money to the player, its range is usually between 94 and 98, and it is always beneficial to choose a slot with a higher RTP payout. Information can be gathered through websites and magazines.

  • Volatility

In selecting good online slot volatility of slots should be taken into consideration. Volatility denotes how often and how much a slot will win. An online slot with high volatility offers you huge wins and large jackpots but at irregular frequencies. In contrast, an online slot with low volatility guarantees you small but very regular wins. 

High, medium, and low volatility are the three categories of volatility. High volatility offers huge wins but is infrequent and most suitable for those having the patience to win big. Low volatility slots offer frequent but small wins. The settings section of the machine has details about volatility and payout.

  • Functionality

The functional mechanism of the slot machine also has a role in the outcome. It can be of three types auto play, avalanche, and re-spin. The Autoplay slot will automatically renew the games at frequent intervals. Avalanche mode gets activated when the symbols stop on your selected reels. The winning symbols are replaced, and the winnings are counted. In Re-spin, a bet can be reactivated by increasing the amount of the bet, and this will increase the exhilaration. 

Online betting sites in India

There are a lot of online betting sites in Indian rupees, some of the most frequently used include.


This offers a 200% deposit bonus up to 20,000 rupees, offers a huge welcome bonus, and is best for cricket betting.


It offers 100% up to 8000 INR, has huge options, and is an international brand.

  • FUN88

A 300% first-time deposit bonus of up to 3000 INR is given. Great for betting on sports casinos and virtual sports.


A 100% welcome bonus is offered for up to 10,000 INR. It covers a wide range of sports and also involves live sports and virtual sports betting.


INR 1,000 risk-free bet + 100 % first deposit bonus for cricketbook and live casino. Dedicated to cricket and also has sportsbook and exchange betting options.


A 100% up to 7,500 INR sportsbook bonus is provided. Regular sportsbook promotions are available.


A 100% up to 15,000 INR is given. It gives access to useful statistics.


The first deposit bonus of up to 25,000 INR, covers all major sports leagues

Tips for choosing the right slots in online betting

  • Use low-variance slots

Low variance slots pay small prizes but at frequent intervals. They are low-risk machines that regularly offer small and medium wins, and with consistent gameplay, you can maintain a constant bankroll while making good profits.

  • Start by playing for free

Try all slots in demo mode to practice. Knowing the game is very important to win and helps you make the right bets to minimize the loss.

  • Use no deposit bonuses

They are very useful for amateur players. Due to increased competition, it is available more freely.

  • Avoid playing for comps

Some casinos offer points instead of cash which can be redeemed but come with the risk of tempting you to play more and hence lose more money.

  • Avoid gambling

Here the prize is doubled each time, and you suddenly lose everything

  • Participate in random jackpots

Random jackpots offer less money, but at a more frequent interval, so the chances of winning are more.

  • Know when to move on

If you realize that you are constantly losing, move on and avoid the temptation to play at that moment, you can always try another time.

  • Attempt free spins

Since they don’t involve deposit money, losses can be kept to a minimum.

  • Know RTP

Always read the settings and bet on machines having high RTP.

  • Take breaks

It is wise to take frequent breaks to concentrate better and also to avoid falling into the trap of greed.


Betting, in particular, online betting, is a risky venture. Still, if the process is researched and the opinions of experts in the field are carefully read and understood, and precautions are taken at every step, the entire process can lead to an unimaginable yield. The above mentioned tips and the description of various factors involved in the process can give an edge to any online betting enthusiast, especially those less experienced. Online betting has also made its mark in India, where a lot of people participate in online betting using the Indian rupee as the currency, further leading to increased participation of the people of this subcontinent in it.


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