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The world is rapidly evolving and we’re inclining towards digital spaces more and more every day. In the upcoming years, we expect conversations around the Metaverse and the Web3 ecosystem to not be anything extraordinary anymore but a day-to-day ordinary conversation.


The goal is to immerse ourselves in newer experiences and embark on a digital journey that has the entire world hooked up.

NFTs are everywhere. From companies looking to create their own brands, to celebrities endorsing it. The cultural impact we have seen was inevitable and moving forward, NFTs are going to be a part of every category. Sports, politics, business, entertainment, lifestyle, and much more.

While you try to figure out how to tap into the market and get a hold of NFTs yourself – we’ll help you decide between the most highly ranked NFT apps out there right now. Take a look.

How the Market for NFTs is Looking Like

If we speak in terms of numbers, the global market for NFTs was evaluated at around $40 billion last year and we saw a 20x growth from 2020. Once the pandemic settled down, crypto enthusiasts tapped in and capitalized.

And till date, the most expensive NFT was sold at $90 billion, changing how we all look at digital art for good. With billions of dollars at stake, the growth has been exponential so far and we predict that it is going to continue to grow.

And the best fact about NFTs is how it connects to a wider ecosystem while being inclusive for everyone. From celebrities to anyone who understands digital art and knows how to navigate around the right tools. NFTs are here to stay.

Top Ranked NFT Apps

1.    Binance

Probably one of the most well-known platforms when it comes to trading cryptocurrency, Binance is easily usable and has a clean UX/UX experience. It is incredibly immersive and easy to walk through.

Once hype around NFTs built up and there was a demand for it from crypto enthusiasts, Binance took an initiative and launched NFT Marketplace – where users can seamlessly sell and buy NFTs.

It is a part of the Binance system. If you have signed up before and were a regular trader, the same credentials can used for Binance NFT Marketplace. Everything is synced.


In case you are looking for an app that resembles the same concept, get in touch with a credible website development company in USA and mention Binance. It is an industry standard. Here are a few highlighted features:

  • Make NFTs while choosing from different categories – gaming, sports, pop-culture, entertainment, etc.
  • Get a random NFT through Binance’s exclusive Mystery Box.
  • Binance Smart Chain powered by Ethereum guarantees low fees.


2.    OpenSea

If you are looking for diverse art design and want to be part of a marketplace where there’s more to choose from, OpenSea is the ideal platform. It is currently the biggest NFT marketplace and is the perfect hub for many. There are over 80 million NFTs to choose from and each is quite different from the other.

OpenSea does acknowledge that most of the users signing up are just getting into the whole system and are trying to learn. That’s why the app is simple, clean, easy-to-use, and has a sleek interface.

And once you sign up on the platform, OpenSea helps you select your first NFT and many to come from then onwards. Check an NFT’s ranking, stats, opinions, and see how it competes with other NFTs. It’s like social media but to discover NFTs.


3.    Coinbase

Another household name, anyone familiar with the crypto space must have heard of Coinbase. The platform has been around for over 10 years now, helping traders exchange cryptocurrency and get the latest insights on different cryptocurrencies.

And to stay ahead and be the best in the industry, Coinbase recently enabled users to use their wallets to collect NFTs as well. Now, Coinbase Wallet includes a separate column for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Easily navigate between the two and have control over different portfolios. The community continues to grow and if you join right now, get exclusive access to featured creators and trending collections.

Coinbase is currently working on creating a more inclusive system for NFTs and so far, it is working well. Similar to TikTok, there is a dedicated For You and Discover page designed so you can see the best artistic work.



The name pretty much gives it away, is one of the fastest-growing platforms to look at right now. The platform is packed with over 50 million users and it continues to grow as becomes oriented toward both NFTs and cryptocurrencies. offers exclusivity and special perks for its users.

When you sign up, the Crypto Visa includes a guaranteed 5% cashback, and the more you invest and build up your portfolio, the rewards will keep on increasing. More than the easy experience, priortiizes its traders above everything else.

When you get to the NFT section, there are auctions, competitions, events, and collections from top-rated creators. Get the best of the NFT world at and even get early access to collections from top brands like Aston Martin and UFC.


5.    NFT AI

The NFT AI app is specifically designed for NFTs and it works flawlessly. Rather than offering a wide range of services, NFT AI has prioritized simplicity and aims to bring the concept of NFTs to the forefront. And it is the first NFT app on mobile to include a calendar, along with a top-notch collection and access to the greater community.

NFT AI enables users to look at digital museums, attend events, and discover the best of digital art. Built on current trends and a funky interface, NFT AI is for Gen-Z and Millennials who are looking for more of the artistic side of NFTs.

Drop and pin your favorite NFTs and add them to your collection on the app. Stay updated with the auctions, and browse through different projects, it is an interactive app. You can create a similar app for both Android and iOS through mobile app development Chicago services.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you look at the apps and the points we covered, it is clear that NFTs is an emerging marketplace for already established cryptocurrency apps and moving forward – there will be an intersectional ecosystem where every field will thrive and prosper.


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