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  • Samira Nasr (United States)
  • Lydia Slater (United Kingdom)
  • Olivia Phillips (Arab World and Saudi Arabia)[1]
  • Bianca Brigitte Bonomi (Qatar)
  • Jillian Davison (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Patricia Carta (Brazil)
  • Alan Prada (Italia)
  • Milena Aleksieva (Bulgaria)
  • Simona Sha (China)
  • Nora Grundová (Czech Republic)
  • Kerstin Schneider (Germany)
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Categories Fashion
Frequency Monthly
Publisher 1867–1913, Harper & Brothers
Total circulation
(June 2012)
Founded November 2, 1867; 154 years ago, New York City
First issue November 2, 1867; 154 years ago, New York City
Company Hearst Magazines
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English
ISSN 0017-7873

Harper’s Bazaar – Editorial Staff, Locations, and Covers

Harper’s Bazaar is a monthly fashion and style magazine for women. First published in New York City on November 2, 1867, the magazine is published by Hearst and considers itself a style resource. This article will cover its Editorial staff, Locations, and Covers.

Editorial staff

The magazine has undergone a dramatic change in its leadership, with the appointment of a woman of color as its new editor-in-chief. Samira Nasr will report to Kate Lewis, the company’s chief content officer, and will be responsible for the magazine’s content strategy across platforms. She will begin her new role on July 6.

She will oversee all content, creative direction, and development. She will replace Eugenie Kelly, who recently stepped down as editor-in-chief to pursue other opportunities. Maureen Jordan announced the appointment alongside Kim St. Clair Bodden, senior vice president of editorial, and said further editorial appointments would be made in the coming weeks.


For its 150th anniversary, Harpers Bazaar celebrated its legacy by exhibiting its covers on the Empire State Building. The show featured Gwyneth Paltrow’s March 2012 cover, Reese Witherspoon’s February 2016 cover, and Carolyn Schnurer’s May 1947 cover. The show lasted from 8:30 p.m. to midnight and showcased a variety of Harpers Bazaar covers.

Beyonce has graced three Harpers Bazaar covers. One of the covers features the singer wearing a Stetson cowboy hat and fringed leather gloves. In another, she’s dressed in a Valentino bodysuit and sequin cape. In a third cover, she dazzles in a Gucci gown.



The Harpers Bazaar corporate offices are located in New York City’s Hearst Tower. They are located at 959 Eighth Avenue and 300 West 57th Street. The magazine was first published in 1867 by Harper & Brothers. It changed its name to Harper’s Bazaar in 1930. The magazine first featured the spelling “Harpers” on its cover in the November 1929 issue.

Founded in 1867, Harper’s Bazaar is one of the world’s most fascinating fashion magazines for women. It transforms the unexpected into desirable, and delights readers with its unique fashion and beauty content. The magazine is still published today, and it offers free digital access to its issues. You can even clip images from the magazine to post to social networks or save them to your photo roll.


Unlike many magazines, Harpers Bazaar has never had a political slant. Instead, its editors take a broad, cultural view of the world. They aim to appeal to people on all sides of the modern divide. The editors’ ethos is often described as “always affirming, never denying.”

Since taking the reins of the magazine in July, Samira Nasr has been busy adding the best in editorial talent to its team. She is the first woman of color to serve as the editor-in-chief. Among her first assignments, she will oversee the magazine’s content strategy, editorial development, and marketing efforts across all platforms. She will report to Kate Lewis, Hearst’s Chief Content Officer.


Whether you’re looking for a fashion fix or an insight into what today’s women are looking for, Harper’s Bazaar has you covered. Each issue covers a variety of topics and is aimed at discerning contemporary women. With its distinctive, stylish layout, fashion photography, and insightful articles, Harper’s Bazaar is the ultimate fashion bible.

The magazine was founded in 1867 by Harper & Brothers, and now has offices in the Hearst Tower, at 300 West 57th Street and 959 Eighth Avenue in New York City. It was renamed Harpers Bazaar in 2006 and has since become a celebrity-focused fashion magazine. While many of the issues focus on celebrities, Harper’s Bazaar is also known for its literary contributions.

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