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As with all surgeries, hair replacement surgery is not without its risks.  Generally hair replacement surgery is a safe procedure if it’s performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon who specializes in hair replacement techniques.  What causes the different outcomes is the individual receiving a hair transplant because every body’s body is different and some people’s chemical makeup could be prone to infection or may reject the implantation of the new hair, even if it’s their own hair.

With some surgical hair transplant procedures there is a risk that some of the grafting of the new hair will not “take hold” in its new place on the scalp.  Although it is natural for some of the “new” hair contained within the plugs to fall out before establishing regrowth in their new location, sometimes the skin plug dies off and the surgery must be repeated.

Sometimes hair transplant patients will notice tiny bumps where the hair has been transplanted and this is just simply a build up of oil in the glands where the new hair follicle has been planted.  The strands of hair will camouflage these bumps and eventually they will disappear.

When considering hair transplant surgery, it is best to consider more than the hair replacement cost when choosing a surgeon.  It is best to choose a surgeon that is experienced in all aspects of hair transplantation including flap surgery, tissue expansion as well as the actual hair transplant procedures.  This will give you the option of choosing which hair restoration technique is right for you.

Flap surgery on the scalp is where a piece of a person’s scalp, where good hair is growing, is cut out and swung over to a place where a balding spot has been cut out and sewn into place.  This does leave some thinning hair in the back but places growing hair in the front where it is more noticeable.

Tissue expansion surgery consists of placing tiny balloon like expanders underneath the scalp where hair growth is abundant.  The tissue expanders cause the hair-bearing scalp to gradually expand and then when the hair has stretched enough, it is surgically placed over the balding areas.

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