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My mother and I both loved flowers, most especially the fresh Canada flowers. My mother usually places flowers on top of the tables. The most beautifully arranged one is placed on top of our dining table. My mother and I mostly do the talks on our dining table. That is why the dining area is my favorite part of our house. I always see my mother arranging her flowers while she talks and discusses to me. Every week, she replaces the vases with fresh ones. My mother once told me, “You know why I liked about flowers Canada? They are just so fresh as if I planted them in my own garden. Every kinds of flowers that I have in my mind, I could easily have them and decorate them in our house.”

One time, I wondered why the flowers were not yet replaced. Usually my mother replaces them this time of the week. I went to the dining room. There’s my mother and with her are freshly bought flowers lying on the dining table. Then, my mother told me, “This time, I want you to be in-charged of arranging them. I know that you are good in doing that.”

If you want to your relationship with your mom or your daughter to be enhanced and to deepen, you can use flowers to have a wonderful effect to them. Just send flowers to Toronto and visit online. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

TT Ads

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