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Denise Lombardo is a multi-linguist

Name Denise Lombardo
Date of birth 11th November 1962
Age 59 years
Profession Real estate agent
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Siblings Deanna Lombardo,
Lisa Scordato,
Paul Lombardo
Father Anthony Florito
Mother Ann Lombardo
Net worth $2.5 million – $3 million

Denise Lombardo was born on November 11, 1963, in Ohio, US. She is the daughter of Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo. Her parents are of Italian descent and she has two sisters. She is a multi-linguist with a background in German and Italian. She is currently 59 years old and weighs 60 kilograms.

Denise Lombardo has an impressive educational background, having studied academic management and business. She has also studied merchandising and was a high school sweetheart. She worked for several companies, including the Modern Medical Systems Company, The Home Depot, and Smith and Nephew.

She has an excellent command of German and Italian


Denise Lombardo is an accomplished multi-linguist with a mastery of Italian and German. She grew up in Ohio but has spent most of her life in New York. She graduated from Bayside High School and went on to attend Adelphi University where she earned a degree in English Literature. She was a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity.

Before getting married, Denise Lombardo was attending Bayside High School in Naples, Florida. Her parents were divorced and she was focusing on her studies. While at Bayside High School, she met Jordan Belfort, who had a job as a door-to-door meat salesman. They soon fell in love and married in 1985.

She is a motivational speaker

Denise Lombardo is a motivational speaker who is married to Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker. They divorced in 1994. She later married Mlady, and the couple lives in New York City. Her husband has many social media followers and fans. His Instagram account has more than one million followers. In contrast, Denise Lombardo is relatively inactive on social media. However, her success in the world of business and motivational speaking has earned her a place as a media darling and a role model for many.

Denise Lombardo studied Education and Administration in General at the Australian Catholic University. During her college days, she was an active member of the fraternity Alpha Omicron Pi. The two were married for six years, but separated a year later because of her husband’s involvement in illegal business practices. After the divorce, Denise Lombardo continued studying and earned a graduate degree. She also worked as a flooring specialist and real estate agent.

She has three sons

Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort were married for six years. During this period, she was involved in a variety of pursuits to keep herself busy and supported her husband through the rough patches. In just two years after their marriage, Jordan lost his meat-selling business and his stockbroker job when his firm folded. During this time, Denise supported the family and helped her husband get back on his feet.

Denise Lombardo was born in 1962 in Ohio, USA. She is an American citizen and of Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents are Italian. She attended Bayside High School and Adelphi University, and later, went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in English literature.

She has no social media account

Denise Lombardo has not created a social media account. The former real estate mogul is a former student at Towson University. She graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During college, she was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Her husband is Jordan Belfort, who recently released his memoir ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ The couple has no social media accounts.

Despite her busy schedule, Denise Lombardo has not shared her social media account with the public. She is married to Jordan Belfort, a successful Wall Street stockbroker. The couple married in 1991 and have no children together. Since their divorce, they have kept their personal lives low-profile. She has worked in the sales department at Smith & Nephew, a medical device company.

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