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Crazy, high rhythm of life and technological capacity open countless opportunities to create business at home. You can go into a single swimming, do creative work or to provide services to small businesses. Today there is no shortage of opportunities to follow your abilities.

Professional organizer at home

For some people, maintaining cleanliness and order in the house is as natural as walking. For others it is a daily struggle. If you belong to the first group, you have the ability to help the second group. Inspired by multiple TV shows featuring professional organizers, Nettie Owens and her husband realized that their ability to “tame” a mess could create a potentially profitable business. “I read a lot, doing research on the Internet and I still decided to try it,” – she says. Owens set up a booth at a local fair of goods for home and garden in 2004, which gradually grew into a company Sappari Solutions. Their home business now provides a variety of services, including small businesses: the organization of storage space, cleaning, workshops and master classes.

TT Ads

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