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A woman doesn’t have to travel to the French Riviera in order to feel like a million bucks in a beach dress.  There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of dresses for the beach that she can order through catalogs, the Internet or purchase at her local mall which are just as beautiful and stylish as the one found on all the exotic beaches around the world.

Dresses for the beach are often called beach dresses, sundresses or swimsuit cover-ups’.  They are made of many different types of material such as a terrycloth blend which is superabsorbent like a beach towel or lightweight linen so a woman feels comfortable on a hot, sticky summer day.

There are many different styles of beach dresses women can choose from for a day at the beach, an evening at an outdoor café or a day of sightseeing.  Beach dresses are no longer regulated to the beach unless they are considered swimsuit cover-ups.  There are short tunic dresses, halter dresses, short and flirty dresses, long and flowing dresses or the traditional A-line sundress which could also be considered a beach dress.

Traditional tube top dresses are now made more formfitting and not only regulated to the terrycloth material but come in a variety of jersey blends that are soft to the touch.

Women all over the country are wearing beach dresses not only around the beach, but around their backyard pool, the local swimming pool and even on sunny afternoons to the park or shopping trips.  Beach dresses have come a long way in their design and some are even considered eveningwear with long flowing, full-length gowns made of light cotton fabrics and accents of sequins and glitter.

Additionally, the colors of beach dress have also come a long way since the pure white and simple prints.  Bold colors like bright green, fuchsia, navy blue, coral, purple, yellow and even black are making a splash along the sandy shores.  And don’t forget the courageous prints such as animal prints, jungle fever florals, loud polka dots, skull and cross bones and princess paraphernalia.

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