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The August birth flower is the Peruvian lily, which is a beautiful and delicate flower that symbolizes a new beginning. However, this month is also known for the Poppy, a delicate flower with a delicate fragrance. You can send a flower bouquet to a friend or loved one on their birthday. You can order flowers online and have them delivered the same day for FREE!


August’s birth flower is the gladiolus. This long-stemmed plant is known for its vibrant colors, making it an excellent choice for bouquets. Gladiolus flowers are most effective planted in bunches and should be grown in full sunlight. Gladiolus also make attractive garden ornamentals.

This beautiful flower is the birth flower of August. Its meaning is not completely clear, but it is associated with remembrance. Its red color also implies remembrance, and is associated with the dead. Poppy colors are also used to represent different themes, including remembrance.


The Gladiolus is a member of the iris family and the August birth flower. It is known for its pointed, tall shape and vibrant blooms. Its name comes from the Latin gladius, meaning “to be glad.” The flower has a lean, clean appearance and symbolizes strength and respect.

Gladiolus are considered a semi-hardy flower, and they should be grown in mild to temperate climates. They are best planted in the spring after the last frost, once the soil has warmed up. Some varieties of gladiolus are able to be left in the ground, but they do best in full sunlight.


The dahlia is the birth flower for the month of August. The pink dahlia is symbolic of grace and feminine beauty, and the purple variety is associated with royalty and a sense of dignity. The white variety is a more neutral choice, but still has symbolic meanings. It represents purity and focus, and is therefore a good choice for someone born in August.

The second flower for August is the poppy. This flower has many meanings and symbolism, including being a symbol of remembrance. You can find it in various colors, including red, white, and purple. It can also come in a bright yellow or salmon hue. It looks great layered with other flowers, and is a great choice for a bouquet. Other flowers to include in a poppy arrangement include garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus.

Peruvian lily

The Peruvian lily is a beautiful, long-lived flower with primary meanings of friendship and devotion. It is a native of South America, and its blooms are often found in bright shades of orange, pink, and yellow. This lily has multiple blooms per stem and is an excellent choice for a vase arrangement.

The Peruvian lily blooms best in full sun and prefers slightly acidic soil. It also grows well in raised bed gardens and the lasagna method. It is best planted in the spring when the soil is warm, which is usually around sixty degrees Fahrenheit.


The daisy is one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring and one of the last to bloom in the fall. Native to Europe and Africa, daisies are part of the aster family. They are a symbol of innocence, love, and fertility. Different colors have different meanings, and they are often given as gifts to new parents, to mark the birth of their child.

Another flower that is associated with August births is the gladiolus, which is also called the sword lily. This funnel-shaped flower has six petals and is typically clustered on the stem.

Sweet pea

The sweet pea, the August birth flower, is an extremely popular flower. This lovely flower comes in a wide variety of colors and blooms from early spring to early summer. This flower is symbolic of friendship, kindness, gratitude, and courage. In ancient Rome, it was used as a gift for a victorious gladiator, and is also associated with courage, generosity, and moral integrity.

The sweet pea is traditionally a white flower, but can be found in many other colors. Some varieties are pink or yellow. The name “daisy” comes from the phrase “today’s eye.” The flower was originally called a sweet pea by the ancient English. This flower is native to England and Southern Italy, but only entered modern cultivation in the 17th century. It symbolizes a happy end and a good beginning.


Hawthorn is a flower from the genus Crataegus. It is an herbaceous shrub with beautiful white blossoms in the spring. In some countries, this shrub is known as a May tree, and its flowers and berries are edible. Hawthorns are also featured in many cultural customs in Britain and Europe. It has a positive connotation, as it represents balance, duality, and humility.

Other August birth flower choices are the Water Lily and Gladiolus. They are both considered to be a symbol of purity, rebirth, and hope. Hawthorn, a shrub with a long history of symbolism, is also associated with the month of August.

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