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One Piece Chapter 1055 Reddit Spoilers Revealed!

One Piece chapter 1055 has a ton of new information. Oda sensei dropped tons of information in just one chapter, including the bounty information for the Most Wanted Pirates. Despite the massive amount of information, the chapter has gotten mixed reviews. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter!

Admiral Aramaki’s portrayal in chapter 1055

If you’ve been paying attention to One Piece Chapter 1055, you’ve probably noticed the change in Admiral Aramaki’s portrayal. Aramaki is overconfident now that he’s a powerful general, and his Scabbards look as if they can handle the task at hand. After all, they even manage to use a hybrid form against Kaido! However, their overconfidence has caused the rest of the team to suffer PTSD.

Fans have reacted with astonishment and excitement to this latest development. They are eagerly awaiting the next One Piece chapter, and the raw scans of the chapter are out. Fans are also looking forward to what Shanks’ next move will be, and whether the new ally will have to deal with the bounty that the Wano raiders left behind.

Sukiyaki’s secret passageway


Sukiyaki never told Kaido and Orochi about the secret passageway. They were unaware of it, and they were unaware of the power of the ancient weapon pluton. The passageway leads to the old Wano, a country that was larger than the present one, and was located at the bottom of Mt Fuji.

Sukiyaki explains that the passage is below sea level, and the ruins are Ancient Wano. The glass is blocking the water, so they’re not visible, but he tells Robin that she can inspect them. Then he explains that the water is fresh, which is why the ruins are so preserved.

Yamato’s celebration

One Piece Chapter 1055 has been released, and the first few pages reveal some interesting things about the celebration. This chapter takes place in the Flower Capital, and is titled “New Era.” The opening scene of the chapter features Momonosuke and Ryokugyu fighting each other, and the scene ends with Shanks’ ship reaching the coasts.

Some people may feel that spoiling isn’t a big deal, while others may be hesitant to post spoilers. However, it’s important to note that some spoilers are obvious, and can even be vague. People who are tempted to share spoilers have often been able to do so even before the release date of a new chapter.


The One Piece manga is back with Chapter 1055, and fans are eager to see what happens next. This chapter is expected to continue the fight between Momonosuke and Aramaki. However, spoilers suggest that the Red Hair Pirates will enter the scene and stop them.

Momonosuke’s goal is to save Wano by himself, and he feels that it is his duty. But when he tries to call Luffy, he fails to do so. He thinks he must strengthen himself to protect Wano and so uses his Bolo Breath on Ryokugyu. In this way, he ends up burning Ryokugyu’s hold, which causes him to be paralyzed. However, when the Red Hair Pirates approach, Momonosuke uses his Bolo Breath to burn through Ryokugyu and save his life.

Shanks’ rejection of meeting Luffy

The One Piece manga has begun its final saga with Shanks’ arrival on the shores of Wano Country. After rejecting Luffy’s request to meet him, Shanks decides to find “One Piece” treasure instead. One piece chapter 1055 reddit spoilers reveal that Luffy will be able to detect Shanks’ presence in Wano.

Although One piece chapter 1055 was meant to wrap up the story of the first part of the series, it was delayed by a month. It is now being leaked on Reddit and is already being discussed online by One piece fans. While Shanks’ rejection of meeting Luffy has not been confirmed yet, the fans are anxious to read the next chapter of the series. Luckily, Chapter 1055 is set to premiere on Manga Plus and Viz.

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