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Real Name Naomi Ross
Nickname Naomi
Profession model & social media influencer
Age 26 [as of 2021]
Date of Birth 1 November 1995
Birthplace Florida, USA
Hometown Florida, USA
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Going to the gym
Famous For Being Adin Ross’s sister


Naomi Ross has a very active social media account, and is often seen posting pictures of herself and her younger brother. In the past, she has shared childhood pictures with captions, and her latest post features a series of pictures of her and Adin. Naomi also has over 116,000 followers on Instagram. She has not commented on the rumors about her and Adin dating. But there is one thing that’s certain: Naomi Ross is not dating her brother.

Naomi is Adin Ross’s older sister and she runs the website OnlyFans. Naomi was once suspected of cheating on her brother 6ix9ine when she was watching him stream a game with 5.6 million Twitch fans. When Adin was streaming with onlyFans, she noticed a woman standing in the background of a game, and she asked her brother why she was with him.

Naomi Ross’ age is unknown, but the rumors indicate she’s in her mid-20s, while Adin Ross is only 20. Both siblings have referred to Naomi as their older sister, and Zias admitted liking her on Instagram live. However, she is not commenting on the rumors and is keeping mum about it.


Naomi Ross is an Instagram celebrity and is building a following on the social media site Onlyfans. She has a huge fan base on Twitch and has a massive following on Instagram. She is very popular on both social media sites and has close to 100,000 followers. Naomi is also the sister of the famous actor Adam Ross.

Adin Ross has a sister named Naomi Ross who has a similar intuitive style to her brother. Naomi also streams on Twitch and has a YouTube channel. Naomi has not become as popular as her brother yet, but she does have a huge following on Instagram. Moreover, she looks like a model.

Naomi Ross was born on November 1, 1995. She is an American citizen and of Caucasian ethnicity. She has a mother who is a housewife and a father who is a businessman. She grew up in Florida but eventually moved to New York. She has a high school education and has started her career on social media.

Adin has an older sister named Naomi Ross. They have a very close relationship, but their relationship is not romantic. However, they have been linked through a number of occasions, including e-dates. The e-date videos went viral on Twitter and were later shared on YouTube.

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