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The most popular website for looking for individuals by name, address, email, or reverse phone lookup is Fast People Search, also known as Fastpeoplesearch. It gathers data that is publicly available on the internet. It was developed to give the general public access to next-generation telephony and Big Data.


Fast People Search is a fully free service! It provides information about landlines, cell phones, and businesses for individuals all throughout the United States.


This post will help you know the features, information, services, and how to use this popular person search engine.


5 Things to Consider About Fast People Search

  1. Currently, you might use the FastPeopleSearch to authenticate the identity of someone you know. You may also do a name search to find out where a former friend is now.
  2. Fast People Search Engine contains a large database of people’s records and may provide contact information such as certain values, name, city, or current residence status.
  3. It obtains your driver’s license and property records, as well as data from posts, tax records, phonebook listings, and web-based media.
  4. People may use it to find search capabilities such as free reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, and search by popular and last names.
  5. Fast People Search is a free service.


What you can Do With Fast People Search?

Look up someone by name, phone number, or street address. will help you identify the owner of a phone number, the whereabouts of a loved one who has tragically gone, and much more through a group search by name, address search or conversational phone inquiry. scans a large number of records to give you important contact information. Locate a person and their contact information using whatever information you have (name, city, state). You may also input a place to discover who is presently residing there.


People Look

Confirm the identification of someone you currently know. Alternatively, you may perform a name search on FastPeopleSearch to see where a former coworker or spouse is today.

Address Lookup

A FastPeopleSearch address search will provide the tenant history dating back 40 years. Learn more about your new neighbors, coworkers, friends, and relatives by doing a vital opposite direction inquiry with the help of a free people locator. You can also use the rapid people search app to find defined property data by simply inputting the location.


Reverse Phone Lookup

Conduct a phone interview with FastPeopleSearch and watch the person. With only one phone number, a reverse phone number inquiry may offer you all the pleasantries. To keep track of the owner’s name and other contact information, provide a number.

Find People

Do you believe that ancient house down the street formerly belonged to someone you know? A location search can assist you to determine without a doubt where that individual may be found nowadays.

Obtain a Past Address

By looking at someone’s present location, you may determine where they resided. Enter it into the search boxes above to discover a person’s long-term location history.

Reverse Address Lookup

Beyond the boundaries of a structure or the property wall, there is a potential richness of information. A quick person’s search reverse address lookup option on the internet can quickly and efficiently discover the information you need.


What may you discover? A location search on FastPeopleSearch may disclose the history of the individuals who reside behind the property with a 40-year return. You’ll then have access to that person’s historical and current contact information, including extra addresses and phone numbers, for each registered name.


Fast People Search Price is completely free, in contrast to many other scheduling and location services that begin with free administration before providing users subscription choices. You do not need to pay anything before using the specific administration. Its main flaw is that it is not available outside of the United States, which explains why it exclusively covers the virtues of American residents.


How Do You Remove Yourself From a Quick People Search?

To unsubscribe from Fast People Search, you must complete an opt-out form. Will your listing then be deleted within 24 hours?


Simple 5 Steps to Get Rid of Fast People Search

Should I be removed from fastpeoplesearch? These five easy actions can assist you in removing yourself from a quick person’s search.


  • Step 1: Navigate to Click the Agreement box, then complete the CAPTCHA and click “BEGIN REMOVAL PROCESS.”
  • Step 2: To Remove a Search Immediately, In the search box, type your state and city, then click the “Free Search” option.
  • Step 3: Find and click on the matched result.
  • Step 4: Select “Remove my record” from the menu.
  • Now, Click the “Remove” button.
  • Step 5: Look through your inbox for an email from FastPeopleSearch. To finish the removal procedure, click the opt-out link in the email.


It takes 24 hours for the site to erase your post, and you can return later.



Is FastPeopleSearch prohibited?


FastPeopleSearch and all other data broker websites are functioning legally. They just obtain all they give from publicly accessible sources. FastPeopleSearch may legally acquire public data and disseminate them on its website because this information is technically available to the public. The main difference is that publicly available records were not as plentiful on the internet as they are now.


How does FastPeopleSearch obtain my contact information?

FastPeopleSearch and other similar websites aggregate information from many sources. They rely on publicly available information, such as government records, comparable databases and registrations, phone book listings, and so on. Protection Status

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